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Illustrations by Fiona HsiehdA l tumblr

Illustrations by Fiona Hsieh

dA l tumblr

Collage Artist: Martin Carri @Martin Carri (see previous post)...

Collage Artist: Martin Carri

@Martin Carri (see previous post) is a graphic designer and collage artist native of Buenos Aires, Argentina who creates collages from old magazines without to any treatment of Photoshop. He is part surrealist and part social commentator. Follow him on Tumblr and Instagram or take a look to his store.

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The Genius of Maxi MagnanoNeon’s pretty quiet. But it’s got a...

The Genius of Maxi Magnano

Neon’s pretty quiet. But it’s got a buzz like an ohm, doesn’t it? All those Ω. It puts you in a rather meditative state. So do Maxi Magnano’s works. Sometimes you need that in this crazy world of ours, right?

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nonconcept: ZeroEnergy House in Bucharest, Romania by Studio...


ZeroEnergy House in Bucharest, Romania by Studio Soleta.

Digital Collages - Wouter HisschemöllerDigital techniques still...

Digital Collages - Wouter Hisschemöller

Digital techniques still play an important role in his creative process. His paintings today are based on photographic material found online. Of the millions of photos that are uploaded and shared daily, he searches the web for ones he might use. Using Photoshop these are cut, pasted and reorganised into collages that form the basis for his paintings. The collage acts as an allegory for the city and its people; a sometimes strange, sometimes unusual mix where seemingly random elements meet to, maybe just for a moment, form a composition.

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Hand Drawn Illustrations by Vero Navarro Vero Navarro born...

Hand Drawn Illustrations by Vero Navarro

Vero Navarro born and raised in La Mancha, Spain, is a freelance illustrator currently based in Madrid (see previous post). Follow her on Instagram.

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Vibrantly Hued Canvas Sculptures by Artist Duo...

Vibrantly Hued Canvas Sculptures by Artist Duo ‘Stallman’

Meticulously folding canvas and layering color, the art duo Stallman (Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum) turn a traditional painting surface on its head, using the structure of the canvas to give their works vibrant depth. The two artists are deeply inspired by gradients found in the natural world, their color selection and positioning appearing almost topographic.The Pacific Northwest based pair calls this body of work “Canvas on Edge,” giving canvas the leading roll within each each piece. By positioning the medium outward its curved shapes become all about depth and form and serve as large, elevated line drawings.

Hallman and Stum (the two combined their names to create their artist title) are both partners in the studio and life. “We create together, one acting as the right side of the brain and the other the left,” says Stallman. “This union of dynamic minds dissolves the boundaries of what is possible turning the ordinary into extraordinary.”The duo currently has an exhibition of new works at Hall | Spassov Gallery that continues until September 30, 2015. You can see more sculptures on their Facebook page here.  Thanks Colossal

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