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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Illustrations by Antonio Javier Caparo Antonio (previously)...

Illustrations by Antonio Javier Caparo Antonio (previously) is an illustrator, graphic designer and comic artist originally from Cuba and currently living in Montreal, Canada. His works have been published on children books, novels, magazines and institutional materials in the US, South America and Europe.Some of his clients include Hyperion Books, Scholastic, Harper Collins, Tor, Random House and many more. Our archives is the treasure chest. Just open it and you’ll see. posted by Margaret

Illustrations by yuuta-apple

Illustrations by yuuta-apple

really-shit: Kennin-ji Temple Masters Projectby Speake-MarinAn...

really-shit : Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project by  Speake-Marin An ornate timepiece inspired by the historic Kennin-ji Zen Buddhist Temple in Kyoto, Japan. To commemorate the temple’s 800th anniversary in 2012, the Dharma Hall was enhanced by a dramatic painting of two dragons on the ceiling by artist Koizumi Junsaku. To honor and convey the power of the monumental artwork, a multi-national Swiss-based team of four Masters was commissioned by an experienced collector to scale down the same painting to wristwatch proportions. Speake-Marin said: This is the most extraordinary engraving project I’ve ever been involved with due to the complexity of the subject (two dragons instead of one), the incredible detail of the engravings and the fact that it isn’t just one component that’s engraved, but the designs cover practically the whole watch. 

Illustrations by Desmond Wong

Illustrations by  Desmond Wong

The Wonderful Photomanipulations of Leszek Bujnowski’s...

The Wonderful Photomanipulations of Leszek Bujnowski’s Photography Leszek is crazy about surrealism and only uses his own photographs Collect more Art at our Facebook        Posted by Andrew

nonconcept: Modern Winter Shelter in Bjelašnica, Bosnia...

nonconcept : Modern Winter Shelter in Bjelašnica, Bosnia Herzegovina by FO4A .

really-shit: All It Took Was The Summer After rescuing this...

really-shit : All It Took Was The Summer After rescuing this adorable kitty last summer, Magdalena Grześkowiak took to instagram to document their fun and adventure filled summer together. Tumblr Magdalena said: Her name’s Kate and she’s a rescue cat. When I first met her, in spring 2013, she was 2 months old and she resambled Kate Moss—really thin, with distinctive legs. Ever since she lives with me I can’t stop taking the pictures of her. She’s a supermodel, just like her namesake, and she’s here to stay. Please consider learning more about rescuing animals  if you are interested in creating memories with your own little bundle of love. Thanks for reading!

The Wonderful ‘Textured ‘ Photography of  Matthew SwartsMatthew...

The Wonderful ‘Textured ‘ Photography of  Matthew Swarts Matthew Swarts’ work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, WIRED, SLATE, FLAK photo, Conscientious Photography Magazine, Doubletake Magazine, Contact Sheet, Afterimage, Fotophile, In the Loupe, and other publications. He graduated from Princeton University and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and has taught photography at Amherst College, Bowdoin College, Ramapo College, The University of Connecticut, The University of Massachusetts, Boston, Middlesex College, and The Massachusetts College of Art and Design.He is the recipient of a J.William Fulbright Scholar Grant and the Ruttenberg Arts Foundation Award for the best new work nationally in photographic portraiture.His work is represented by Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles. Like us on Facebook         Posted by Andrew