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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Paintings by Lucy Campbell

Paintings by Lucy Campbell

Paintings by Lucy Campbell

Paintings by Lucy Campbell

Jeronim Horvat / 24 / visual artist from Berlin working in...

Jeronim Horvat / 24 / visual artist from Berlin working in Leipzig (Germany) Jeronim Horvat is the youngest artist working at the Spinnerei factory in Leipzig. After finishing his studies in communication design and working one year at the “Spinnerei”, he continues his studies in fine arts at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle (Saale). In his work he explores relations, emotions and experiences as well as the depths of the internet. Growing up in the 90s in Berlin, these paintings are the state of his current work, much influenced by commercial advertising, web subculture and modern art.  You can follow Jeronim on Tumblr or see more of his work here Thank you for your submission

Illustrations by  Poplavskaya

Illustrations by  Poplavskaya

Illustrations by  Poplavskaya

Illustrations by   Poplavskaya

The Sci-Fi Art of Steve Burg A self-taught illustrator,...

The Sci-Fi Art of Steve Burg A self-taught illustrator, Steve Burg was born in New Jersey, but did receive a formal education after he moved to California, becoming an alumnus of the Film Graphics and Animation program at the California Institute of the Arts. Burg has worked as animator, conceptual artist, illustrator, and storyboard artist on projects such as Total Recall (1990), Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), Matrix (1999), X-Men (2000), Interstellar (2014) and more recently The Alien prequel Prometheus (2012). Our blog is on many platforms - keep up with us on FB . posted by Margaret

crossconnectmag: Lera Razvodova is an artist...

crossconnectmag : Lera Razvodova  is an artist from Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation. Follow her on  Instagram. Spice up your timeline by following us on Facebook ! posted by Margaret .

nonconcept: Igloo Hotel, Kakslauttanen, Finland.

nonconcept : Igloo Hotel , Kakslauttanen, Finland.

crossconnectmag: The Humorous Ceramic Tea Pots and Old Master...

crossconnectmag : The Humorous Ceramic Tea Pots and Old Master Art of  Noi Volkov Art History has always been a passion of mine. My work depicts famous works, artists, and artistic movements in various ways to illustrate their influence on the art world. I mix artists in unexpected ways but there is always an artistic thread that binds them together. My work is like a tribute to all the artists who have ever inspired me. My work is also intended to put emphasis back on past masters in a fun, unexpected way. I am a sculpture and a painter, I combine both by hand sculpting forms and painting on them as if on a canvas. Together I feel my two mediums come combine to create my personal style. Check out our Facebook for more wonderful Art Posted by Andrew

crossconnectmag: Insane Digital Artwork by Shorra Digital...

crossconnectmag : Insane Digital Artwork by Shorra Digital artist Shorra (Debra Mason) creates beautiful and occasionally shocking surreal digital artwork. She does photo manipulations as well straight digital artwork.  Working from Toronto, Canada she recently used her son as a model – I hope he didn’t mind showing up with only half a body!  Debra also does tutorials so check out her website . More insane artwork awaits – follow us at our Facebook Page .  Posted by Lisa .