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Science Fiction and Fantasy Artist Eve VentrueEve Ventrue is a...

Science Fiction and Fantasy Artist Eve Ventrue

Eve Ventrue is a professional digital artist from Germany.  She has an amazing ability to create create fully realized characters for science fiction and fantasy worlds.  See more of her portfolio on Deviantart.

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eugenialoli: “Untitled (as in, No Words)” by Eugenia...


Untitled (as in, No Words)” by Eugenia Loli

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Momentarily Moved Animation made of 10 paintings8.5 x 11...

Momentarily Moved 
Animation made of 10 paintings
8.5 x 11 inches

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Paintings by Kyle Stewart Kyle Stewart is a Toronto-based...

Paintings by Kyle Stewart

Kyle Stewart is a Toronto-based artist whose work explores and reflects his memories of nature; the details of which are transformed by the passage of time, sentiment and the influence of his urban environment. The figures that appear alongside organic forms represent the disconnect with nature the artist feels when painting landscapes from far removed memories.  ”They struggle to find the words to speak or to make a firm connection; just slightly out of reach, like a fading dream.

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nonconcept: Glass Boathouse, located in Ontario, Canada by...


Glass Boathouse, located in Ontario, Canada by Studio Gh3. (Photograpy: Larry Williams)

Photo stories about nature by Paul NicklenAs a young boy, Paul...

Photo stories about nature by Paul Nicklen

As a young boy, Paul Nicklen (born1968), a Canadian-born Arctic ecosystem specialist and marine biologist, moved to Baffin Island and spent his childhood among the Inuit people. From them he learned the love of nature, the understanding of icy ecosystems, and the survival skills that have turned him into one of the most successful wildlife and nature photographers of our generation.

As an assignment photographer for National Geographic magazine, Nicklen has produced 20 stories covering a variety of issues related to conservation and natural history, from the slaughter of narwhals to salmon farming to the importance of sea ice and polar ecosystems in this new climate era. Despite the personal peril he often faces while working in some of the planet’s most remote and harsh environments, Nicklen travels constantly in search of meaningful stories that can help touch people’s emotions and help the public at large connect with Earth’s marine and polar realms. Follow him on  Instagram.

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Photo Riccardo Lancia Model Catherine Cabò MUA Julia IndieThank...

Photo Riccardo Lancia 
Model Catherine Cabò 
MUA Julia Indie

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The Brilliant Concept Art of  David Levy ( Vyle-art )David Levy...

The Brilliant Concept Art of  David Levy ( Vyle-art )

David Levy is a leading international concept artist. He studied industrial design and architecture in France and the Netherlands respectively, and is currently working in Los Angeles, California as senior concept artist in the movie and videogame industry. He has contributed to projects for many game platforms and recently worked on the development of Prince of Persia 3 and Assassin’s Creed both at Ubisoft in Montreal. In Los Angeles he has worked on the major motion pictures: Tron Legacy, from Disney, The Thing, from Universal, Prometheus, from 20th Century Fox and Ender’s Game, from Odd Lot Entertainment. He also worked for imagineering, Disney doing architectural roughs. His interests and unique skills in video gaming, film and industrial design make him a sought after expert in his field. He currently is a senior concept artist at Lightstorm, working on the avatar sequels.


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Illustrations by Heartbreak BunniesHeartbreak Bunnies is a very...

Illustrations by Heartbreak Bunnies

Heartbreak Bunnies is a very talented, freelance illustrator from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He graduated in journalism from Babes-Bolyai University. Follow her on @Tumblr and maybe buy something in her online store.

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