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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

nonconcept: Dune House, Terschelling, The Netherlands by Mark...

nonconcept : Dune House, Terschelling, The Netherlands by Mark Koehler Architects . (Photography: Seamus Payne )

Paintings by Brandon Keehner Brandon Keehner, artist from...

Paintings by Brandon Keehner Brandon Keehner , artist from Cedar Rapids, IA. has a degree in scientific illustration and will soon have a master’s degree in medical illustration. When he is not working on illustrating a surgical procedure, or creating a 3D animation of something sciency, he uses his unique color palette and keen eye for detail to portray animals we all know in ways which are far from common. Art not only for connoisseurs. Posted by Margaret posted by Margaret

Paintings by Dan Quintana Hailing from Los Angeles, CA,...

Paintings by Dan Quintana Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, painter Dan Quintana channels a style reminiscent of the late Hieronymus Bosch, but with a modern twist. The tones, brushwork and overall technique of Quintana yield a result which pays homage to the great 13th century master, but it is his subject matter, and re-imagining of today’s “earthly delights” that puts his work in a class all of its own. You need the art in order to love the life. We guarantee you that! posted by Margaret

Visual Storytelling: The Big Trend for SXSW 2016

Visual Storytelling: The Big Trend for SXSW 2016

nonconcept: Guesthouse, Ancram, New York by HHF Architects....

nonconcept : Guesthouse, Ancram, New York by HHF Architects . (Photography: Iwan Baan )

Illustrations by Kate Zambrano  website l tumblr

Illustrations by Kate Zambrano   website l tumblr

Handcrafted and Handpainted globes from Bellerby & Co...

Handcrafted and Handpainted globes from Bellerby & Co Globemakers Bellerby & Co, Globemakers   is a privately owned English company based in Stoke Newington, North London, specialising in the manufacture of artisanal handcrafted globes. Bellerby and Co are one of only two handmade globemaking companies in the world and the only one that makes handcrafted and handpainted globes with contemporary cartography. At Bellerby Globemakers we use traditional and modern techniques to produce handmade, hand-painted terrestrial world globes with precisely designed maps and elegant stands. We combining traditional techniques with pioneering design. Our globes are purchased by customers from all over the world. The company is steadily developing and adding new models to its range, while remaining dedicated to its foundational principles of great craftsmanship and beautiful results.  Facebook Facebook - are sure to find something for everyone! posted by Margaret

I Will Survive! A Guide to Survival and Pocket Knives

I Will Survive! A Guide to Survival and Pocket Knives

Paintings by Redd Waltizki Redd Walitzki is a working artist...

Paintings by Redd Waltizki Redd Walitzki   is a working artist from Germany, now living in Pioneer Square (Seattle’s artist district).  She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with her BFA in 2007 with a concentration in Painting, Video Animation and Printmaking.  Redd spent several years running a studio-gallery in Seattle’s 619 Western renegade arts building, helping keep the underground art scene alive. My main inspirations have always come from fashion, nature and biology. Visually, the surreal world of fashion editorials and couture runways has always had huge appeal to me. I love the fantasy of fashion, how moments that are impossibly beautiful can be staged and created to transcend the mundane reality of everyday life. This is something I really hope to achieve in my work as well.   Biology and nature are also extremely inspiring for me, and usually when I’m painting I listen to BBC Science Documentaries in the background… For more  read the inter