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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Illustrations by Jie He

Illustrations by Jie He

beautifulbizarremagazine: Totally in love with this painting...

beautifulbizarremagazine : Totally in love with this painting “Le jardin d'Alice” by Sophie Wilkins

chromaticwatch: AkujivxxYou’ve got to seek the bright region,...

chromaticwatch : Akujivxx You’ve got to seek the bright region, away from the gloom of the day, find that light wherever it may lie—with the companionship of a friend, in the nostalgia of your childhood home, the embrace of a love, in the solace of solitude, in the summer sun. Akujivxx’s works exist there, in those luminous fields, bluffs of color, arcing femininity, a comforting flatness, engaging use of shape—and the warmth of it all; it draws you in, comforts you, becomes the sort of roborant it depicts.

Illustrations by Jie He

Illustrations by Jie He

Illustrations by Dan Elijah Fajardobehance l society6 l tumblr

Illustrations by Dan Elijah Fajardo behance l society6 l tumblr

Romantic Photography by Blanka MatenoBlanka Mateno’s photography...

Romantic Photography by Blanka Mateno Blanka Mateno’s photography is pure poetry.  Blanka’s romantic pictures are deceptively simple. Often they will  dwell on single image like a twisting tree trunk, rippling water, or simple white petals.  In addition to Blanka Mateno’s main photography Tumblr, you can visit several other Tumblrs curated by Mateno. More art to fall in love with at our Facebook Page . Posted by Lisa .

Cook county Hospital was abandoned after 100 years of use, when...

Cook county Hospital was abandoned after 100 years of use, when a new larger and more modern complex was built, literally right behind it! Now offered for sale by the county for limited but possible re use it has sat abandoned now for over 10 years. 

Stitching the Macabre - Art by AdipocereAdipocere is a fabric...

Stitching the Macabre - Art by Adipocere Adipocere is a fabric artist who creates contemporary art embroidery portraits. The work of Adipocere is dark, featuring bats, gothic girls, and skulls often with bloody imagery.  In addition to tattoos, Adipocere recently stitched a design into her skin.  You can find the work of Adipocere for sale at . Thanks to fallendragone ! In the mood for something different?  Check out the Cross Connect Facebook Page. Posted by Lisa .



Illustrations by Ricardo Bessa Ricardo Bessa born in 1989 in...

Illustrations by Ricardo Bessa Ricardo Bessa   born in 1989 in Portugal is an illustrator currently based in UK. He studied in Faculty of Fine-Arts of the University of Lisbon, and then Kingston University. Artist, combining both hand-drawn and digital elements, creates beautiful, otherworldly illustrations that blur the lines between realism and fantasy. Follow him on  Facebook  and  Tumblr . For the prints clik here . Spice up your timeline by following us on Facebook ! posted by Margaret

nonconcept: “Evolver”-sculpture, located next to the lake...

nonconcept : “Evolver”-sculpture, located next to the lake Stelli at an altitude of 2536m, Zermatt, Switzerland by ALICE / EPFL . (Photography: Joel Tettamanti )