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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev



The Wonderfully Weird Paintings of Aaron Jasinski Aaron...

The Wonderfully Weird Paintings of Aaron Jasinski Aaron Jasinski (Previously: One - Two ) resides near Seattle, Washington with his wife & 4 children. He grew up in in a family of musicians & the love of music is a major influence on his visual art. His paintings often feature musical, pop-culture & nostalgic references peppered with social commentary & whimsical creatures. “I think all great art says something about being human. Artist & audience work together to discover what is being said. What we each gain from experiencing art is as unique as our personalities. My hope is that when you look at my paintings you will conjure up your own stories & surprising discoveries.” More Aaron: Facebook | Twitter | Shop Take a walk on the weird side at Cross Connect’s Facebook page. Posted by Yellowmenace

The Wonderful Photographic Skills of  Teruo Araya1970 Born in...

The Wonderful Photographic Skills of  Teruo Araya 1970 Born in Aomori Pref, Japan. I working in major telecommunications group company at Tokyo. Besides,to start a photo activities from 2009. My Photography field is a natural landscape and urban landscape. 2011 or later, I started posting to photo contribution site of overseas sites. (,,, In National Geographic, elected five times to the ‘Photo of the day’, and large number of photos were selected as the 'featured photo’ on other sites. I participated in a joint photo exhibition in 2014, was held in Catalonia, Spain.(exhibition title:ENCOUNTERS IN CONTEMPORARY ART)       500px You will love our Facebook     Posted by Andrew

Illustrations by Karolina Kijak

Illustrations by Karolina Kijak

Illustrations by Karolina Kijak

Illustrations by  Karolina Kijak

Dark Drawings by Elft Elft aka Adiasa pollen is an artist...

Dark Drawings by Elft  Elft aka  Adiasa pollen   is an artist from Bandung, Indonesia. His drawings are dark and mysterious, he specializes in a technique called pointillism. For more updates  you can follow his  Facebook  page. Follow us on Facebook ! WARNING - awesomeness inside. posted by Margaret

nonconcept: Ecocapsule by NICE Architects. Dwelling with the...

nonconcept : Ecocapsule by NICE Architects . Dwelling with the spirit of freedom.

The State of the Social Marketing Team

The State of the Social Marketing Team

Realistic Sugar Sculptures by Joseph Marr Joseph Marr born...

Realistic Sugar Sculptures by Joseph Marr Joseph Marr  born 1979 is an Australian artist of English/Maori heritage who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He is known for his anatomically perfect sugar constructions of the human body that explore issues of desire and mortality. Working with sugar is wonderful and difficult. Its so colourful and textural, having similarities to paint. But then there is the temperature which is firstly dangerous but also it drops so quickly which influences the viscosity, so I find myself having to work really quickly to get what I need. Its a sensory overload, the smell, the colour, the heat and the honey like movement… its sharp like glass and smooth like Marble and at the same time rough like concrete… unpredictable. Our blog is on many platforms - keep up with us on FB . posted by Margaret