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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Illustrations by NanoMortis

Illustrations by NanoMortis

SubmissionRem Koral Genesis  2015  epoxy resin, nylon  46 cm

Submission Rem Koral Genesis  2015  epoxy resin, nylon  46 cm

Illustrations by Magdalena PagowskaMagdalena Pagowska aka...

Illustrations by Magdalena Pagowska Magdalena Pagowska  aka len-yan  is an concept artist and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland. She is a Bachelor in game graphics and Master of Arts in Korean studies. Follow her on @ Tumblr     via Once you look at the Facebook page of the artist, you should also look to us . Welcome! posted by Margaret

nonconcept: Norderhov Cabin, near Hønefoss in Norway by Atelier...

nonconcept : Norderhov Cabin, near Hønefoss in Norway by Atelier Oslo .

Illustrations by Narek Gyulumyan Narek Gyulumyan is a...

Illustrations by  Narek Gyulumyan Narek Gyulumyan  is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Yerevan, Armenia Our blog is on many platforms - keep up with us on FB . posted by Margaret

Ethereal Art by Endre PenovácSerbian artist Endre Penovác is a...

Ethereal Art by Endre Penovác Serbian artist Endre Penovác is a master of many mediums.  His works in watercolor are ethereal and seem rather ghostly - some of them mix ink and and watercolor.  Endre’s drawings and his oil color paintings are equally lovely. Thanks to . Find all the best art from around the world at our Facebook Page .   Posted by Lisa .

I Need Your Votes for SxSW 2016

I Need Your Votes for SxSW 2016

Underwater Photography by Ilse Moore Ilse Moore is a South...

Underwater Photography by Ilse Moore Ilse Moore  is a South African full-time photographer who specializes is underwater fashion and fine art photography. While my underwater photography often involves commercial, fashion and bridal shoots, my conceptual work speaks of a subconscious denial of reality. I have always been attracted to surreal imagery. I believe that photography as a medium lends a kind of realism to these ‘fantasies’, allowing it to exist in closer relationship to the viewer. I like that it suggests the possibility of an indiscernible truth. Shooting underwater seemed like the logical next step in finding a balance between the surreal world and my own reality… Follow her on  Facebook. Our Facebook . Note: The page is addictive! posted by Margaret