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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

nonconcept: Rock Reach House, located in the Mojave Desert of...

nonconcept : Rock Reach House, located in the Mojave Desert of California, USA by Studio o2 .

Illustrations by Alyssa Winanswebsite l tumblr l behance l shop

Illustrations by  Alyssa Winans website l tumblr l behance l shop

Intricate “Candle Carving” Forms Blooming Designs with Layered...

Intricate “Candle Carving” Forms Blooming Designs with Layered Wax The time-honoured tradition of candle making has an often-unheard of style known as “candle carving.” Originally an old German craft, this particular approach highlights the inner beauty that lies beneath the candle’s surface. It uses layers of different-coloured wax and strategic slicing to create dazzling, three-dimensional surface decorations. Michigan-based Holland House Candles produces these beautiful style of candles, and their handiwork was featured on an episode of How It’s Made, in which they demonstrated the meticulous process that goes into carving one of these creations. It begins with a six-pointed candle base that’s dipped into multiple waxes with specially-formulated dyes. After many layers have been added, the carver then cuts shapes to form the final product. Amazingly, this is all done in a span of about 15 minutes—after that, the wax solidifies to the point where it’s too hard t

Matthew AlbaneseMatthew Albanese’s fascination with film,...

Matthew Albanese Matthew Albanese’s fascination with film, special effects and movie magic—and the mechanics behind these illusions—began early. Albanese worked as a fashion photographer, training his lens on bags, designer shoes and accessories—this small-object specialization is known in the retail trade as “table top photography.” Albanese’s creative eye soon turned to tabletop sets of a more wildly eclectic nature. In 2008, a spilled canister of paprika inspired him to create his first mini Mars landscape. More minute dioramas—made of spices, food and found objects—followed. In 2011, Albanese was invited to show at the Museum of Art and Design of New York. His work has also been exhibited at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Winkleman Gallery, and Muba, Tourcoing France. Matthew is represented  at Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York   Loke us on Facebook         Posted by Liam

Illustrations by Patricia Ariel behance l tumblr l shop

Illustrations by Patricia Ariel behance l tumblr l shop

Hypnotizing Translucent Waves In 19th Century Russian Paintings...

Hypnotizing Translucent Waves In 19th Century Russian Paintings Capture The Raw Power Of The Sea Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky loved painting the sea. A Crimean native, he was born in Feodosia, a port town, and thus had great waters as a constant companion. This 19th century Russian Armenian painter had real knack for depicting waves. Light and translucent, they perfectly capture the essence of the real thing. Many of these paintings featured a human element, too, with ships showing the struggle between man and nature. During his career, Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky painted more than 6000 paintings, half of which depict sea and ships. He often went to watch naval manoeuvres and even painted the siege of Sevastopol. Aivazovsky was widely recognized even outside the Russian Empire, receiving awards from France, Turkey and others. More info: (h/t: demilked , mymodernmet ) Join in the fun on Facebook        Posted by Andrew

nonconcept: SoHo Loft in New York by Gabellini & Sheppard...

nonconcept : SoHo Loft in New York by Gabellini & Sheppard Associates .

London-based illustrator Eleni Kalorkoti I’m an...

London-based illustrator  Eleni Kalorkoti I’m an illustrator from Edinburgh, Scotland now living and working in London. I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2007, before training in screenprinting at Edinburgh Printmakers.  I can now be found drawing pictures and making things in lovely south London. My clients include: The New York Times, The V&A, Random House, Lucky Peach, and Regent’s College. Like us on Facebook    Selected by Liam