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Gunjan Aylawadi  Hand Cuts Thousands Of Paper Strips To Make...

Gunjan Aylawadi  Hand Cuts Thousands Of Paper Strips To Make Paper Carpets

I make paper carpet installations. I was inspired by my desire to do something new with a simple material like paper.This unique technique involves hand cutting thousands of strips of paper and twisting them tightly around a thin wire to get paper curls. I then glue them onto hand drawn patterns to make these works. The paper curls blend into one another and a sophisticated paper tapestry emerges from thousands of these connections. The technique is physically demanding but meditative and adds a layer of texture and visual interest to the works. These works are detailed and reward close attention. My aim for myself and everyone else is to perform the difficult act of slowing down, both in making and consuming and really appreciate the beauty in small details.    More info:

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Drawings by Daan NoppenDaan Noppen is an international artist...

Drawings by Daan Noppen

Daan Noppen is an international artist mainly working in drawing and photography. He is best known for his realistic larger than life drawings of portraits and bodies. When looking closer at the works one finds mathematic equations in between the pencil strokes that relate to our reality. His drawings project past, present and future in the now as one image, a parallel reality that we normally cannot see with the naked eye. Follow him on @Tumblr

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nonconcept: Villa in Decin, Czech Republic by Studio Pha....


Villa in Decin, Czech Republic by Studio Pha. (Photography: Thomas Dittrich)

Android Fragmentation Visualized

Android Fragmentation Visualized

12-Inch Nails Turned Into Sculptures by John BisbeeFor nearly...

12-Inch Nails Turned Into Sculptures by John Bisbee

For nearly three decades, John Bisbee b.1965 has welded and forged 12-inch spikes under the mantra, “Only nails, always different.”

He uses nails as his sole medium to create geometric sculptures, organic installations, and unwieldy objects from thousands of nails that are hammered, bent, welded, or fastened together in a seemingly limitless procession of forms.

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Illustrations by Paul MorstadPaul Morstad studied visual art and...

Illustrations by Paul Morstad

Paul Morstad studied visual art and animation at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and has won Canada Council Grants to help continue his practice. Born and raised in the western provinces of BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Paul moved east to Montreal for 10 years to work for the National Film Board of Canada where he directed short, hand drawn, animated films. His longing for the Pacific Rim brought him back west to East Vancouver where he now lives and works.

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Glass and Light from Sidney Hutter, Master of GlassThroughout ...

Glass and Light from Sidney Hutter, Master of Glass

Throughout the years, Sidney has created several series of art work.  His initial sculptures were developed when the windows of the John Hancock Tower popped out onto the streets of Boston in the 1970’s.  He obtained a supply of this glass and began creating large-scale sculptures using a combination of the glass along with fabricated metal, rubber, hardware, and lighting elements.  He continued working with plate glass but his focus shifted to the vessel form - recognizable objects, rich in history and varying in shape and function.  The vessel series are crafted from cut and polished plate glass laminated with dyed and pigmented adhesive.  Unlike a traditional vessel, his vessels are solid and non-functional.  They are, however, filled with a volume of color that reflects and refracts with the glass and light to form three-dimensional sculptures of ever changing colour.

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