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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Wavegrower                                                  ...

Wavegrower                                                                                                                   Oscillations - Harmony - Unity I’m Frédéric Vayssouze-Faure, a french guy fascinated by wave phenomenons and the vibrating guitar string harmonics theory , therefore inspired by periodic motions in general, and by the purest and smoothest of them in particular : those which are ruled by the sine function . This blog is a branch of the wavegrower project in which I’m focused on combining minimalism and multitude to create dynamic artworks with more than one level of reading, the first being that every cell constituting them has its own simple periodic motion, meaning regularly looping by spinning or twisting or stretching or balancing or revolving or swinging or shaking or beating or vibrating, in a word : oscillating . For those who ask for my source code: I’ve post some in OpenProcessing here , they all use the same Ondulator class I’ve built t

Illustrations by Mateusz マテウシュ Urbanowicz ウルバノヴィチ Mateusz...

Illustrations by Mateusz マテウシュ Urbanowicz ウルバノヴィチ Mateusz Urbanowicz aka Mattō , is a Polish artist currently working in Japan at Comix Wave Films animation studio. His works at first glance look like they came from the hand of a native Japanese master of manga and anime. Bicycle Boy illustration series is inspired by the animated Studio Ghibli movie “Whisper of the Heart”. You need the art in order to love the life. We guarantee you that! posted by Margaret

nonconcept: 510 Cabin, Wofford Heights, USA by Hunter Leggitt...

nonconcept : 510 Cabin, Wofford Heights, USA by Hunter Leggitt Studio .

“Burning from Within”by Carlos ReyesPosted by Chaz...

“Burning from Within” by Carlos Reyes Posted by Chaz Mc. | Cross Connect Mag

Illustrations by wataboku dA l tumblr l fb l instagram

Illustrations by wataboku dA l tumblr l fb l instagram

Illustrations by wataboku dA l tumblr l fb l instagram

Illustrations by wataboku dA l tumblr l fb l instagram

New Works by James JeanJames Jean (featured previously) was born...

New Works by James Jean James Jean (featured previously) was born in Taiwan and graduated from New York City’s School of Visual Arts. His critically acclaimed illustration and fine art career has led him to create covers for DC Comics, collaborate with Prada, and to exhibit his work worldwide. Keep an eye on our Facebook for updates. posted by Margaret

Ghost town in Nevada.

Ghost town in Nevada.

Letting the Light in - Watercolor by Paul DmochPaul Dmoch’s art...

Letting the Light in - Watercolor by Paul Dmoch Paul Dmoch’s art is all about light and dark.  His architectural watercolors are suffused with shadows and shafts of sunlight. For me, light and shadow is a metaphor for the everlasting battle between these two basic elements of human existence. In the contrast between light and darkness lies the secret of every human beginning. Paul Dmoch splits his time between London, Brussels and Warsaw.  Thanks to Bon Expose and Artodyssey . Let some light in - visit our Facebook Page .  Posted by Lisa .

Airan Kang’s Luminous BooksRecently at Bryce Wolkowitz...

Airan Kang’s Luminous Books Recently at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in NY, we could watch The Luminous Poem,  the works of South Korean artist Airan Kang’s . Known for her metaphysical approach to text, Kang creates electronically luminescent sculptures cast from transparent synthetic resin and LED paintings in the form of books and scrolls.  Encased in neon, Kang’s illuminated texts emit sumptuous colors that effervesce, while exploring the relationship between book and e-reader in today’s digital landscape. Since its founding in 2002, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery has made a major   commitment to representing new media artists who are exploring the   intersection of art and technology. The gallery’s dedication to supporting an array of innovative practices has been the catalyst for the expansion of its program to include painting and sculpture. If you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, you should probably do that soon. posted by Margaret