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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

lesstalkmoreillustration: Alberto Seveso

lesstalkmoreillustration : Alberto Seveso

The Wonderful Loop Animations of  Erdal Inci Erdal...

The Wonderful Loop Animations of  Erdal Inci Erdal Inci “Artist and photographer Erdal Inci has created a hypnotic series of GIFs that takes the concept of cloned motion to a truly eerie level. Often using images of himself in mundane situations, Inci transforms simple snapshots into entrancing video loops. Believe us, these clips will haunt your computer screen while you attempt to decipher the unique patterns.”   I post the GIF versions of original high definition video works of mine to this blog . If you are interested ,please ask for the numbered editions of originals. I am also available for commissions… . Pop over and like us on Facebook      Posted by Andrew

The Genius of Steve KimAcid stained, flatly textured,...

The Genius of Steve Kim Acid stained, flatly textured, monochromaphobic, wide expanses of negative space crackling softly sonorous, a curling cooing chorus—and a discomforting one, gathering images leaving you feeling disorientated, out of focus, out of place, out of phase, sliding between universes, with form and emotion being culled out of pure color. Steve Kim has all of it wash over you, drilling into you wordless, pings in amniotic fluid. Check out our Facebook page—it’s an oasis in the multiverse. Posted by: The Chromatic Watch .

nonconcept: Summer House in Storfjord, Norway by Jensen &...

nonconcept : Summer House in Storfjord, Norway by Jensen & Skodvin .

Yayoi KusamaYayoi Kusama (1929, Japan) is an extremely...

Yayoi Kusama Yayoi Kusama  (1929, Japan) is an extremely influential avant-garde artist. It is hard to describe exactly what type of artist she is, because she has done a little bit of everything! Kusama is most famous for her “infinity” environments, which are made up of twinkling LED lights and reflecting waters. These infinity rooms merge science and mysticism, both inner and outer space. Kusama also has pop art statements that have influenced Andy Warhol. She has used polka dots and nets as motifs in her artwork since the age of ten. Kusama’s work has been featured in museums all over the world including New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, Minneapolis, and Arizona.  Like our Facebook page to stay updated on all art! Posted by Grace

Illustrations by Marta Sokolowska Marta Sokolowska aka...

Illustrations by  Marta Sokolowska Marta Sokolowska  aka waremoon is an art student and freelance illustrator from Warsaw, Poland. Check out her breathtaking gallery on DeviantArt. Art not only for connoisseurs. Posted by Margaret posted by Margaret

cerceos: Iñigo Aragón - Retablos Contemporáneos, 2012

Iñigo Aragón - Retablos Contemporáneos, 2012 Iñigo Aragón - Retablos Contemporáneos, 2012 Iñigo Aragón - Retablos Contemporáneos, 2012 Iñigo Aragón - Retablos Contemporáneos, 2012 Iñigo Aragón - Retablos Contemporáneos, 2012 Iñigo Aragón - Retablos Contemporáneos, 2012 cerceos : Iñigo Aragón - Retablos Contemporáneos , 2012

Cross-Hatched Drawings by Olivia KnappOlivia Knapp, visual...

Cross-Hatched Drawings by Olivia Knapp Olivia Knapp , visual artist, who has a degree in Fashion Design from Parsons, experience as a Printed Textile Designer and a passion for illustration, creates cross-hatched pen and ink drawings influenced by old European woodblock engravings.You can see more of Knapp’s pieces, as well as works in progress, on her blog .  via Connect to more passionate artwork on our Facebook page posted by Margaret