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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

krzysztofnowicki: Adoration of Geometry II160x120cmoil on...

krzysztofnowicki : Adoration of Geometry II 160x120cm oil on canvas 2015

Sea Pavilion Helsinki Mika Huisman

Sea Pavilion Helsinki   Mika Huisman

Elusive Beauty by RoneMelbourne based street artist Rone knows...

Elusive Beauty by Rone Melbourne based street artist Rone knows beautiful women.  He has been painting them all over the world.  You can find his elusive beautiful women everywhere from the United States to Malaysia.  Thanks to Cube Breaker who has multiple entries dedicated to Rone. We don’t make art elusive on our Facebook Page .  Posted by Lisa .

Illustrations by Melanie Delonwebsite l dA l shop l society6 l...

Illustrations by Melanie Delon website l dA l shop l society6 l tumblr

Faces of The WildPhoto manipulations inspired by large zoo...

Faces of The Wild Photo manipulations inspired by large zoo animals in captivity. by Devin Mitchell. / CC

Murals by Super-A Stefan Thelen, better known as Super A is a...

Murals by Super-A Stefan Thelen , better known as Super A is a Dutch artist that combines graphic design with painting. Last year he exposed at art exhibitions in Europe like DQE and the international art fair BLOOOM in Germany that had over 36.000 visitors. His alter ego Super A (a butt-faced character wearing a blue spandex and a red cape) is an anti-superhero who is amazed by rarities in our world. via CrossConnectMag on Facebook - a place that is definitely worth a visit! posted by Margaret

Police Officer Distracts Little Girl After She Lost Her Dad In A Car Accident (3 pics)

This heroic police officer from Brighton, Colorado took the time to comfort a little girl after she lost her father in a tragic car accident. There were 6 people involved in the accident and 4 children were thrown from the vehicle but only the father died. The vehicle spun out of control on I-76 after one of the rear tires blew out.  

Girlfriend Calls Him Childish, Boyfriend Reacts like Any Mature Man Would (3 pics )

A man has put up a craigslist ad trying to find a roommate for Fort Kick-Ass. His girlfriend has been kicked out because she wanted to have a conversation about “being too childish”. The fort comes equipped with a guard dog who loves pizza and view of the TV for Netflix.

shamekh شامخ

shamekh شامخ

Laterns Sea Village : Temporary Housing Proposal for Surfers in Tarita

Archinect has designed Laterns Sea Village , a set of tetrahedral buildings for surfers in Tarifa. This architecture features light tetrahedron structures that hover over the sea, suspended in just one point. It’s a perfect place to house suffers who enjoy the beach without interfering on a beautiful landscape of Tarifa. These 100 tetrahedron architectures line up linearly on the sea, rotating their disposal in the form of semi square to promote life of the surfers. Each unit is constructed from bamboo where main and secondary structures are dominated by triangular geometry. The structure is grouped by 3, giving more balance due to mutual connections by the joints on top of them. The modularity of this architecture allows the village to be expanded when needed, the structure can be disassembled without leaving any trace while all materials can be recycled when needed. Besides Bamboo, this structure also use recycled wood as the floor, the sunshades are made of recycling old surfboards