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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Aerial Cameron Davidson

Aerial  Cameron Davidson

Geometric Reflections Victoria Siemer (aka Witchoria) Victoria...

Geometric Reflections   Victoria Siemer (aka Witchoria) Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria produces new and unusual realities by altering expected perceptions of space with geometric shapes. Check out this tumblr!

irakalan: SPEAKS FOR ITSELFArtist  RUBY ANEMIC Taking his pick...

Artist RUBY ANEMIC | Posted by Artist RUBY ANEMIC | Posted by Artist RUBY ANEMIC | Posted by Artist RUBY ANEMIC | Posted by Artist RUBY ANEMIC | Posted by irakalan : SPEAKS FOR ITSELF Artist   RUBY ANEMIC Taking his pick of contemporary cultural references and other ubiquitous objects or phrases, Anemic’s work “speaks for itself,” as he intends it, and simultaneously speaks to a definition of modern-day life in a broader sense. Anemic’s art is, regardless of medium, always the result of his key inspiration: life itself, something that is in constant flux and unique to each individual; his work is an intuitive response to the world around him and provides a compelling lens with which others can view it.

Prisma Ines Esnal + Studio Esnal

Prisma   Ines Esnal + Studio Esnal

Paintings by Dorian Vallejo Dorian Vallejo born in Easton,...

Paintings by  Dorian Vallejo Dorian Vallejo  born in Easton, Pennsylvania  began his career in his late teens when he began receiving commissions from book publishers in NYC while attending the School of Visual Arts in New York. As the field increasingly began to incorporate the use of computer-generated images, Vallejo felt the need to pursue other avenues with his art. His love of traditional media and people, drew him to classical portraiture and to focus on personal work where he had the freedom to explore his other artist interests. Follow him on  Tumblr . Keep in touch by following Cross Connect on Facebook ! posted by Margaret

Teatro del Silenzio 2015 “Theatre of Silence” is...

Teatro del Silenzio 2015 “Theatre of Silence” is born from the creative mind of Alberto Bartalini and a group of people who have come together with the intention of creating a place where to convey ideas, emotions, art, music, and dance.  A natural amphitheater carved into the beautiful surroundings of the hills of Lajatico, small scenic gem of the hinterland of Volterra.

archatlas:Ecce Hommo Tsang Kin-Wah “Ecce Homo” is a phase used...

archatlas : Ecce Hommo   Tsang Kin-Wah “Ecce Homo” is a phase used by Pontius Pilate when presenting Jesus to the public before crucifixion, which also became the title of a book written by Nietzsche.  By making reference to the last judgment of Jesus and Nietzsche’s philosophy, ‘Ecce Homo Trilogy’, a series of multi-channel video installations, tries to question the impartialness of a judgment, its existence and the powerlessness of the one being judged at a particular period of time and environment. At the same time, it attempts to depict the emotions of the one being judged and, the dense and tense atmosphere throughout the whole process.