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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

lensblr-network: by

lensblr-network : by

Daenerys by Kei Acedera on Instagram

Daenerys by Kei Acedera  on Instagram

Illustrations by Russ Millswebsite l tumblr

Illustrations by Russ Mills website l tumblr

turecepcja: Taylor Marie McCormick

turecepcja : Taylor Marie McCormick

littlelimpstiff14u2: THE ART OF ANNEMIEKE MEIN: WILDLIFE...

littlelimpstiff14u2 : THE ART OF ANNEMIEKE MEIN: WILDLIFE ARTIST IN TEXTILES. The artwork of Annemieke Mein is unique. She combines fabric, paint and sewing threads to produce works that are realistically accurate but that also breathe with life and action, and are emotionally breathtaking for the observer. Annemieke’s art is difficult to categorise. Textile work has traditionally been ‘craft’, but Annemieke has moved it into the world of ‘art’. As one writer has noted:     The line between art and craft is being bent and breached these days, but there are only a few practitioners who can make it disappear completely. The astonishing work of Annemieke transcends these and a few other categories besides. Embroidered and painted relief tapestries and fabric sculptures also erase the distinction between naturalistic and impressionistic portrayal.

Illustrations by Russ Millswebsite l tumblr

Illustrations by Russ Mills website l tumblr

Illustrations by Lee Seok

Illustrations by  Lee Seok

Illustrations by Melanie Delonwebsite l dA l shop l society6 l...

Illustrations by Melanie Delon website l dA l shop l society6 l tumblr

Natural Crochet Art from Susanna Bauer Susanna Bauer born in...

Natural Crochet Art from Susanna Bauer Susanna Bauer  born in Eichstätt, Germany in 1969, work with found natural objects: leaves, stones, pieces of wood… ephemeral things, easily overlooked and use crochet; sometimes as embellishment, but mostly in a more unconventional way as a means of sculpture and construction. She studied at Technische Universität, Munich (landscape architecture) and in Camberwell College of Art, London. Currently she lives and works in Cornwall, UK. Follow her on Facebook .  via  thisiscolossal P lease take a moment to like us on Facebook . posted by Margaret

Surreal Illustrations by Andrew Ferez Andrew Ferez aka...

Surreal Illustrations by Andrew Ferez Andrew Ferez aka 25kartinok is an digital artist and illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. He creates these magically artworks - they are often covers for various books, completely digitally, drawing on the computer with his Wacom pad. For more check out his  DeviantArt  profile. Facebook - are sure to find something for everyone! posted by Margaret

World’s Largest Old Car Junkyard:Old Car City U.S.A (58 Pics)

Fifty miles north of Atlanta, a 34-acre compound houses one of the largest car collections in the world. But this collection doesn’t have polished Ferraris or Porsches under shining lights. There are no immaculate Mercedes or Bentleys proudly displayed behind velvet ropes. A rusty sign out front of the site reads “The world’s oldest junkyard jungle, here 80 years.” Most of this collection is unsalvageable midcentury American steel, and it lays strewn about a forested property in rural Georgia. Over 4,500 cars – most of which are model year 1972 or older – belong to a man who spent his life saving some of America’s classic cars from the crusher.