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Oscar Alcañiz A small sampling of the stunning images you...

Oscar Alcañiz

A small sampling of the stunning images you will find in Oscar’s tumblr. Compositions full of life where architecture is never treated as an inanimate object to be admired from a distance but is part of intricate compositions full of people, landmarks, nature and everyday life. 

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The rare, complex work of self-taught artist and designer Eduardo Flores, “Bayo”, has drawn the attention of numerous critics and bloggers, as well as of prestigious galleries in Germany, Belgium and the US.

Born in Mexico City in 1976, he found his artistic vocation at a very young age. His unique style had already taken shape when he decided to obtain a BA in Graphic Design, a career that has allowed him to lead a parallel life. As an Art Director and Illustrator, he has worked for various renowned brands and advertising agencies, both in Mexico and in the US.

Bayo’s paintings depict somber and melancholic worlds, where the main character is the psyche as an axis of conflicts. His stroke signals a constant path where anxiety is inescapably contagious. Characters tend to avoid frontal sight, turning their eyes towards themselves and exposing their fragility. Dispirited forms allow us to prove that their author does not follow the statutes of reason. Scenes that simultaneously depict the rigor of obsessive details, the vagueness of repetition, and the sudden explosion of motion. All in an effort to express the architecture of his emotions, with a complexity that can never remain subtle.

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really-shit: The Beard CapA lycra swimming cap design meant for...


The Beard Cap

A lycra swimming cap design meant for the bearded swimmers (and hipsters) amongst us. Created by Virgin Trains, the swimming cap works like a standard swimming cap but extends to cover the chin while applying pressure to beard hair to help reduce drag. Thanks for viewing!

Translucent Glass Sculptures by Jiyong LeeJiyong Lee is an...

Translucent Glass Sculptures by Jiyong Lee

Jiyong Lee is an artist from Carbondale, Illinois. He has always been fascinated with cells and cell division, which gave him inspiration to create colorful geometric glass sculptures.The simplicity and intricacy of his compositions represent the contradictory relationship between clarity and complexity found within life.

The Segmentation series is subtle and quiet yet structurally complex. I transform solid glass using cutting, lamination, carving, and surface refining processes to make art that is both beautiful and deeply invested with meaning.

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Street Art by Liqen Liqen grew up in the industrial city of...

Street Art by Liqen

Liqen grew up in the industrial city of Vigo, Spain. He was inspired by the comics that he read, and from a young age graffiti also fascinated him. What influences his work most today is the animal kingdom, nature, and creatures from the earth’s depths. His pseudonym Liqen, which is a mix between an algae and a fungus, reflects his socio-biological interest in species that on first view might seem strange but that contain unique characteristics that allow them to be reborn after lying dormant for centuries. The incredible creatures in his work no doubt stem from this interest and the time he enjoys looking at insects through his magnifying glass.

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