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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Scorpion by madanmar

Scorpion by madanmar

Illustrations by ErisiardA l tumblr l shop

Illustrations by Erisiar dA l tumblr l shop

12 Months of Neon Love Victoria Lucas & Richard William...

12 Months of Neon Love Victoria Lucas & Richard William Wheater 12 Months of Neon Love is a collaboration between Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater, and began on St Valentines day 2011. The project is formed using a sequence of twelve lyrical statements, borrowed from well-known songs that feature the many configurations of love. Presented over a year in large red neon text, twelve expressions are visually re-presented to an unsuspecting audience going about their everyday lives on the roof of Neon Workshops in Wakefield. The project is specifically born out of a romantic relationship between two artists; one passionate about neon (Wheater), the other passionate about the subject of time (Lucas). Together they created a year long public artwork that celebrated the many configurations of love, including expressions of intimacy, adoration and heartbreak, using the medium of light with its time-based properties. Photographs and text via blog 12 Months

Illustrations by ErisiardA l tumblr l shop

Illustrations by Erisiar dA l tumblr l shop

Toy Soldiers by Simon Brann Thorpe Simon Poses Real Soldiers as...

Toy Soldiers by  Simon Brann Thorpe   Simon Poses Real Soldiers as Plastic Army Men in the Desert of Western Sahara. Cross Connect has reproduced on Facebook    Posted by Skumar’s

Eric Otto’s Art Rises Like the SunEric Otto is a professional...

Eric Otto’s Art Rises Like the Sun Eric Otto is a professional artist who lives in San Francisco.  He works with recycled materials, and in addition to smaller works he also creates larger installations pieces.  All of Eric’s work is fluid and bright – he often includes mirrors and neon lights.  I think the best think about his works is that he always includes a large round element – like a rising sun or moon.   Thanks to VSCO ! Find art that makes you go “wow!” at our Facebook Page .  Posted by Lisa .

 Animal  Sculptures by Kendra HasteKendra is a contemporary...

 Animal  Sculptures by Kendra Haste Kendra is a contemporary animal sculptor working with the medium of galvanised wire. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1998, Kendra has established a significant reputation in her field with work included in collections world-wide. She is a member of the Society of Wildlife Artsists (UK) and a signature member of the Sociey of Animal Artists (USA). ‘What interests me most about studying animals is identifying the spirit and character of the individual creatures. I try to create a sense of the living, breathing subject in a static 3-D form, attempting to convey the emo tional essence without indulging in the sentimental or anthropomorphic.’ (via Kendra Haste) Admire more of her work, on her website Connect with Us on Facebook // Posted by Fransi

Via rcruzniemiec: Under the Unminding Sky Gregory Thielker

Via  rcruzniemiec : Under the Unminding Sky  Gregory Thielker


SUBMISSIONGreat set of images and .gifs from p5artMy name’s...

SUBMISSION Great set of images and .gifs from p5art My name’s Jerome Herr, I’ve been using Processing to make gifs and art since September of 2013, I like pancakes ;D . Seriously though I like aesthetic, often minimalist, sometimes organic-looking things, both physical and virtual. Oh, and I like the outdoor and nature :) xeronimo personal blog