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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Elastic Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design

Elastic   Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design

Marat SafinLike answers from smoke, futures from tea leaves,...

Marat Safin Like answers from smoke, futures from tea leaves, friendly faces from fog—adorned by light and air alone, Marat Safin’s naturalistic images are operatic with submerged, implied feeling. Dive in even deeper with us on Facebook . Posted by The Chromatic Watch .

Wood Statements by Paul Kaptein Sculptor Paul Kaptein slides,...

Wood Statements by Paul Kaptein Sculptor Paul Kaptein slides, carves & assembles laminated wood panels to build wordless statements about our current world. Paul’s desire to work in wood seems perfectly natural to me. That Paul has decided to use laminated wood only enhances this feeling – the panels slip and slide, creating their own holes which exasperate the gaps in the fabric of the universe. The spaces allow us time to catch our breath. Paul’s work, though remixing the present, gives us (at least) two turns to capture the moment. - Dr. Ric Spencer More Paul Kaptein: Facebook Let Cross Connect on Facebook fill the gaps in your life. Posted by Yellowmenace

Illustrations by Andrea Hrnjakwebsite l tumblr l society6

Illustrations by Andrea Hrnjak website l tumblr l society6

UK Pavilion Expo Milan 2015 Wolfgang Buttress

UK Pavilion Expo Milan 2015   Wolfgang Buttress

Awesome Drawings by Antonella Montes Lantomo, pseudonym of...

Awesome Drawings by  Antonella Montes Lantomo , pseudonym of Antonella Montes , is an Italian artist based in Barcelona, working between Spain, Italy and China. Her drawings are a diary of characters caught in the flat surface on which they are created, trying to get free, like metamorphic beings; faces that hide their engraved emotions and memories. Experimenting with wood, a warm and unique material, using tools and aesthetics belonging to the contemporary illustration, Lantomo creates an imaginary world of characters frozen at the instant in which they express themselves. Pencil, charcoal, acrylics and inks are her basic painting elements, usually working with mixed technique and a preference for black, white and red. Her  Facebook. Spice up your timeline by following us on Facebook ! posted by Margaret

The Ephemeral Work of David Cata David Cata (Viveiro, Spain,...

The Ephemeral Work of David Cata David Cata  (Viveiro, Spain, 1988) He studied a B.A. (Fine Arts) in Vigo University (Pontevedra). In 2010 studies the Internacional Master’s Degree in Photography (Concept and Creation) at Madrid’s EFTI and he wins the first prize of class 2010. He also studied the intermediate degree in accordion at Viveiro’s Conservatory of Music. David Cata’s work sets a game between memory and the creative act. A temporary act recorded through photography, video, painting or sculpture. The evocation power of personal objects and pictures of his family album are his inspiration. Through them, he makes a reflection about time, memory and ways to delay the oblivion’s process by using ephemeral elements, such as ice, thread, dandelions, salt… Sometimes, his own body turns into the canvas of his artistic experience. The sewn and fissures done over his skin are a metaphor of the permanent symbiosis between the passage of time and the oblivion. His

Alice in Wonderland by Alina Chauwebsite l behance l tumblr

Alice in Wonderland by Alina Chau website l behance l tumblr