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Save The Beaches – Superbe campagne de sensibilisation de Surfrider Foundation

Save the Beaches, la dernière campagne de sensibilisation de Surfrider Foundation, qui transforme les scènes classiques d’une journée à la plage en un étrange diorama de musée…

Les plages du monde disparaissent ! Si nous ne faisons rien, 90% d’entre elles pourraient disparaitre d’ici 2100. Des changements climatiques inquiétants, un développement irraisonné des infrastructures et des modifications de l’environnement littoral en sont la cause : montée du niveau de la mer, phénomènes météorologiques extrêmes, bétonnage excessif des plages, extension de ports, pillage du sable marin mettent en danger les bancs de sables et menacent nos plages. Petit à petit, sans le savoir, nous faisons disparaitre ce que nous aimons le plus. Les plages ne sont pas éternelles, nous devons les protéger.









really-shit: TimeoutTy Foster explores the emotional and...



Ty Foster explores the emotional and physical flaws of having a plastic “prison” (elizabethan collar) installed on your animal in this series.. Although these cones are meant to reduce scratching, they can be the cause of much discomfort.

Illustrations by Kyle Cobban Kyle Cobban is an art teacher,...

Illustrations by Kyle Cobban

Kyle Cobban is an art teacher, illustrator, wannabe designer from Illinois, USA. He strives to make things for people to enjoy. Follow him on Facebook.


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alcrego: We are slaves of our own freedom.(HQ)


We are slaves of our own freedom.


3D Typography by Lex Wilson

3D Typography by Lex Wilson


Abandoned cozy home overlooking a river!

Abandoned cozy home overlooking a river!

American Rustic Photos by OPUSNIGRUM .Vintage designs needs a...

American Rustic Photos by OPUSNIGRUM .

Vintage designs needs a vintage context. 35 Awesome photos to used like header images, mockups or anything you want. Enhances your work with great rustic environments.

Im not a profesional photographer, but i wanted to do this a long time ago. Inspired in the blog 1924.us but more dirty than they. I made this with my things. This package does not have perfect photos, but have real and authentic photos. Real vintage things to create beautifull scenes.



Sean Danconia: Secret Asian Man Sean Danconia has built a...

Sean Danconia: Secret Asian Man

Sean Danconia has built a seductive visual universe by marrying cult-cinema & animation to a wild pop-art aesthetic. Born in Montreal, Canada, Danconia was named after another “Sean”-Connery, by his mother, an intrepid James Bond fan. This early “Bondian” bullet would fire itself throughout Danconia’s life & creative pursuits. After living & working in Italy, Hong Kong, Vancouver this iconoclast Canadian designer/artist/animator burst onto the LA art scene in 2008, lending his iconic style to Disney, Hello Kitty, the Bob Marley Estate, The Nisei Week Foundation, Anime Expo, King Features, Warner Bros & Marilyn Monroe, among others – in addition to various independent projects.

More Sean Danconia: Facebook / Twitter / Store

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