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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Maricor/Maricar is a twin sized studio specialising in hand...

Maricor/Maricar is a twin sized studio specialising in hand embroidered illustration and lettering for publishing and advertising. They also direct for stop motion animation, hand craft props and design custom lettering in a variety of mediums.They are obsessed with lines and texture and look for patterns everywhere. Follow us on Facebook ! WARNING - awesomeness inside. posted by Margaret .

The Next Air Force One Airplane Could Be Even Cooler Than This One (16 pics)

The new Air Force One contract has gone to Boeing commercial 747-8 airliners and although nothing has been built yet, one rich guy made his own 747 look like this inside recently and it is pretty awesome. The Boeing 747 costs a hefty $650 million before any modifications so the finished model does not come cheap. One very lucky, very wealthy, and very confidential client recently took delivery of a personalized Boeing 747-8, completed by Greenpoint Technologies of Kirkland, Washington. Its incredible 4,786 sq. ft. of space features a stateroom, lounges, an office, and a massive dining room…

Ruler Compass by Min Keun Kwon

When you want to draw a perfect circle with compass drawing tool, we need the help from ruler as well. Min Keun Kwon, a Korean industrial designer, wants to design a better tool that allows us to draw a measured circle without a ruler. Ruler Compass is a conceptual tool that you can use to draw any size of circle without manually measuring the size with a rule every single time. Move one of Ruler compass’ legs, the gradation will revolve to show the radius. The gear connected with the leg will inform you about the radius by moving the center axis. Designer : Min Keun Kwon Ruler Compass by Min Keun Kwon is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Actors Who Were Originally Cast In Iconic Movie Roles (19 pics)

Greek Mythology Family Tree

Greek Mythology Family Tree