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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Random abandonment.

Random abandonment.

It’s Raudiel Sañudo! He’s an illustrator and painter...

It’s Raudiel Sañudo ! He’s an illustrator and painter from Mexico. If you’re not familiar with his bats and skulls, then get on over to his website and Tumblr and find them. Don’t forget to follow and enjoy his artwork. He has prints available at Thumbtack Press and merch available in his store . — Posted by Augustation . Connect and spread art !

7 Abandoned Places in Virginia. This is an old railroad station.

7 Abandoned Places in Virginia . This is an old railroad station.

Eric Kalsbeek was born in 1979 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He...

Eric Kalsbeek was born in 1979 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He originally studied illustration, but he toured around the globe as a musician for around ten years. He later began to refocus on his love for creative works. He currently works as an art director at an agency doing graphic design and motion design work. In December 2014 he decided to add 3D to his skillset. He started his everyday project using Cinema 4D, learning, creating and posting one render every day, and soon became obsessed with exploring different techniques and just playing around. Find his work on Tumblr as kalsloos . Posted by Philip ‘Like’ Cross Connect on Facebook

Snapchats That Would Only Be Sent By Mexicans (23 pics)

Just some 300 year-old Giant Books

No need for your reading glasses on this one, but perhaps some knowledge of 18th century Spanish might be useful. This is one of a collection of twelve giant books made in 1715 by a priest in New Spain (as in Spanish colonial Mexico), currently being preserved by the library of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Nearly a meter long, made with animal skin wood and leather caps containing scripts for religious ceremonies in convents during the colonial era, they were found by a graphic documents restorer, Tania Estrada, who tracked down the books which were donated to various libraries in Mexico in 1915. Now most of the volumes are safely accounted for in Mexico City and being preserved by specialists, but get this– according to a 1915 inventory of books donated, there’s still one missing…

Paintings by Redd Walitzkiwebsite l tumblr

Paintings by Redd Walitzki website l tumblr

The True Cost of a Bad Hire

The True Cost of a Bad Hire