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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Featured Curator: Yellowmenace [Yellowmenace] The World Hoops -...

Featured Curator: Yellowmenace [ Yellowmenace ] The World Hoops - Photogapher/Activist Kaid Ashton Kaid Ashton is hooked on exploring & capturing the world through the lens of his camera. When Kaid moved to Taiwan & immersed himself in another culture, he found his camera was the best tool to bridge the gap between cultural differences & forge friendships. Kaid has traveled to over 40 countries using his camera to document unique moments & people throughout the world. While creating a series of work in the heart of Manila, Kaid was able to interact with the people of the city, who were surprisingly eager to offer their assistance. He was inspired by their generosity & decided to create something more permanent, The Homeschool Project . Kaid became part of these neighbourhoods, teaching art to street children & bringing their stories to the world’s attention. To date, Kaid along with the help of volunteers & the Office of Culture and Design in Manila h

darksilenceinsuburbia:Hannah Altman: And Everything Niceon...

darksilenceinsuburbia : Hannah Altman : And Everything Nice on tumblr

indiaincredible:Transit is a 2010 sculpture by Valay Shende...

indiaincredible : Transit is a 2010 sculpture by Valay Shende depicting a life-size work truck that carries figures of 22 people. Via

Typographic Cheatsheet by Typewolf

Typographic Cheatsheet by Typewolf COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

Weird Things That We Really Should Have a Conversation about Immediately (23 pics )