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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Vladimir StankovicFinnish illustrator Vladimir Stankovic creates...

Vladimir Stankovic Finnish illustrator Vladimir Stankovic creates portraits and biological illustrations inspired by mythology, cryptozoology, science fiction, and fantasy. I am particularly enamored of his portraits of The Greys, but his Etsy shop offers a wealth of prints ranging from the Abominable Snowman to some wonderful mash-ups of cephalopods and beetles, the Cephalopodoptrea.

When artist HuskMitNavn has fun mixing...

When artist HuskMitNavn has fun mixing his illustrations with reality The awesome creations of the Danish artist HuskMitNavn , based in Copenhagen, who is having fun mixing his illustrations with reality in a lovely and offbeat series.

knativeco: Stay True - Reba Bangasser for @knativeco—Knative...

knativeco : Stay True - Reba Bangasser for @knativeco — Knative Co. Tees | Twitter | Tumblr COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

Ten Classic Superhero Vehicles

Ten Classic Superhero Vehicles

Elevate Portable Standing Desk to Improve Blood Flow and Strengthen Muscles

Elevate portable standing workstation was born out of the idea that the world might be a bit better if it was easier to stand at your desk while working. These three New Zealander, Sean Ross, Dominic McKiernan, and Hayden Breese have come from different backgrounds (IT, creative, and design) and their works have to do with a lot of sitting. They wanted to combine their skills to develop a comfortable standing desk to improve their physical and visual environment. The stand slopes on an angle away from user, it slots naturally into its base, creating a stable design. The construction creates a sturdy and stable structure to accommodate devices such as laptops, keyboards, and a mouse. There’s a supporting rod included within this unit that can be inserted into the back to optimize the stability. Designers : Sean Ross, Dominic McKiernan, and Hayden Breese User can adjust the height by placed slots in the main vertical frame. The specially designed grooves in the sleeves allow

How Mexicans Defy Death In An Attempt To Reach America (15 pics)

You hear about people jumping the border everyday but you never get to see what they actually go through. Everyday Mexicans hoping to make their way into America hop on speeding trains and jump off in an attempt to make it to a new country. Sometimes they make it but other times they suffer brutal injuries.

The Harsh Reality of Smartphone Users Everywhere (25 pics)