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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

nvm-illustration:‘Carpe Cranium’We build our own mental states,...

nvm-illustration : ‘Carpe Cranium’ We build our own mental states, our own sense of self step by step, brick by brick. Four walls and a roof is not limited to the physical.

Illustrations by Philippe Fernandez

Illustrations by Philippe Fernandez

Illustrations by Philippe Fernandez

Illustrations by Philippe Fernandez

SUBMISSIONJamie Luna is a tattooist, designer and illustrator...

SUBMISSION Jamie Luna is a tattooist, designer and illustrator from Kiev, Ukraine. Check him out on Instagram and Facebook . [We’re on Facebook too!]

Lettering by Ricardo Zuyderduyn

Lettering by Ricardo Zuyderduyn COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

Elio Motors : Affordable 3-Wheel 2-Seater Car for Solo Commuting

Elio is a compact three-wheel vehicle with a price label for only $6,800. Designed by Paul Elio, this car aims to be a solution for today’s generation of drivers where gas prices are constantly spiking. Elio saw the soaring costs of vehicles that we drive, including fuel prices that spike to record highs almost every year while Americans are struggling with an economy that takes too much. Keeping this in mind, Paul decided that the world need radical designed vehicle that is affordable, fun to drive, and super economical. Elio motor offers you personal transportation alternative, a compact and practical car to drive you around the city. Manufactured in USA, Elio can reach 84 MPG (highway) or 49 MPG in the city. Safety is also the main priority when designing this vehicle, Elio meets highest safety standards for a car, it comes with 3 airbags, a reinforced roll-cage frame, Anti-Lock braking system, and 50-percent larger crush zones compared to similar vehicles. Designer : Paul Elio

21 Very Small Epiphanies On Everyday Life

C#3 Motorcycle by Stefan Toth

C#3 Motorcycle is the latest design from Stefan Toth that expresses freedom. It’s a conceptual electric motorbike that combines conventional design with advanced electric technology. One of the most exciting features of motorcycles is openness. A car works a bit like a membrane, isolating driver and passengers from their environment, inhibiting the feel of wind, the scents, the sounds (Ok, cabrios are exception :). Motorcycles are following contrary manner. Traditional bikes, naked bikes don`t hide the rider neither technical details. Similar principles are used in this concept as well. Accent the openness, the air can pass through the front headlight, between battery cells. The dashboard is transparent, technical details are exposed. Even if it not a fuel engine, wiring, battery can be designed attractive too. Charging times of e-vehicles are always crucial. In case of C#3, besides charging battery directly there is a possibility of quick switch of the batteries. C#3 LED elements are

Cruzeta Minimalist Hanger Made Out of Pine Wood

Hugo Ribeiro, a Portuguese designer, has submitted his furniture design to Tuvie. It’s a minimalist yet functional furniture that you can use to hang just about everything. Read his explanation below. CRUZETA is the name of this hanger and its shape is inspired by the need to simplify a simple task. The structure is made of pine wood in which the spring makes the connection, making it an elegant and very practical piece. It’s a hanger for him and for her, where they can put their day-to-day clothes with an extra support for the shoes. The CRUZETA is available in various colors for an ideal combination in your bedroom. Designer : Hugo Ribeiro Design Studio Tuvie has received “Cruzeta Hanger” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. Cruzeta Minimalist Hanger Made Out of Pine Wood is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design