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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

In early July 2014, I was able to join Cross Connect as one of...

In early July 2014, I was able to join Cross Connect as one of their first ever Featured Curators. After my week of curation, I was invited back to become a full member of the team. Since then, I have featured many of my favourite artists on Tumblr on this blog. For my 100th feature post, I decided to showcase one image from each of my ten most popular features (in terms of notes). The images are sorted from top to bottom in order of the popularity of the feature. From top to bottom, the blogs featured are: fullertj , pencilarms , carlburton , 12gon , zolloc , wmill , angulargeometry , obviologist , nogifsallowed and falcaolucasart . To find the rest of the features I’ve done on Cross Connect, click here . Posted by Philip Don’t forget to ‘like’ Cross Connect on Facebook!

Natura by Resistenza (45% off)nspired by old nature field...

Natura by Resistenza (45% off) nspired by old nature field notebooks, Natura was born out of the passion for new modern hand-calligraphy, designed first with a flexible fountain pen and then digitalized glyph by glyph to get the natural feeling of the dry ink on smooth paper. This family includes five different fonts. Natura regular is an upright script with lots of swashes and ligatures and offers a wide range of flexibility with its many Opentype features. You will also find that its initial and terminal letters can enhance your designs in new and creative ways. Natura Slanted font offers the same functionality than Natura Regular but we changed the angle 16 degrees, creating an elegant feeling. Natura Notebook, is a narrow serif font with a stylised grunge effect with strong, legible vertical height. Natura Icons and Natura Stamps complete the whole family with incredible flourished elements and capital letters inspired by nature. Hand-drawn leaves, plants, flowers, as well as lar

Melissa Hartley - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " Melissa Hartley ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su web y/o su espacio en facebook .

Emma Watson Equality


Outdoor Events Chair by Glen Baghurst

Glen Baghurst has designed a modern interpretation of the iconic campaign furniture used by the British when touring the British Empire. Outdoor Events Chair is constructed out of premium leather and powder coated iron as the frame. Glen says that the quality of this lounge chair is closer to that of a solid object which can be taken into an event and use as an outdoor furniture. It’s an ideal chair when you want to enjoy outdoor events, or watch beautiful night stars. Designer : Glen Baghurst Photographer : Saerun Noren Outdoor Events Chair by Glen Baghurst is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Moises Lorenzo is a 19 year old musician and artist based in New...

Moises Lorenzo is a 19 year old musician and artist based in New York. He composes music as “Flamingo Bloom” and makes art as “ litelab ”. He began creating things on his computer at the age of 12 after becoming interested on how things were made on the web. He began making animations and weird videos that progressed in to him taking creativity seriously. He is currently learning IT in college. “The art specifically is made in Photoshop, but I’ve made textures and other tidbits of pieces in Fireworks and MS Paint. Pieces usually take about 3-5 hours to complete as I’m very picky about colors and shapes and generally everything. I have a bunch of pieces that have not made the cut just because I couldn’t get the colors right. All the pieces have a sense of consistency and maybe even some mathematical thought, but nothing too extreme. In the end, they’re just pretty pieces that I hope will inspire someone out there that anyone can make art, no matter the medium.” ~ Moises Lorenzo Poste

Stefan Morrell

Stefan Morrell

The Last Ride : Futuristic Funeral Carriage with 2 Large Hubless Wheels

A futuristic funeral carriage, The Last Ride is an innovative concept design submitted by Hamid Bekradi to Tuvie. As you can see here, it’s a horse drawn funeral carriage with unique shape as futuristic interpretation of the classic carriage and artillery cart that we usually can see in a funeral. The big wooden wheels are the dominant visual element in the conventional carriage and this time, the wheels get even more attention. In this concept, the designer gave more attention to the wheels by scaling it up while the rest of the details are being reduced to the minimum so that the final shape features nothing but a cylindrical hollow. The overall appearance gives you the impression of a horse that pulls a gigantic wheel. Designer : Hamid Bekradi This concept carriage uses 2 hubless wheels that are encased inside the body of the carriage, thus, completely hidden inside the body, except the bottom part where these wheels touch the ground to make the carriage move. The silhouette o