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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Layered portraits by Gaia AlariGaia Alari (Marie Esther) website...

Layered portraits by Gaia Alari Gaia Alari (Marie Esther) website (Marie Esther)Gaia Alari, also known under pseudonym Marie Esther, is an artist from Milan, Italy. Gaia is a medical student who spends her free time on improving her skills as an artist. In the series ‘Transparency’ she experiments with layered and overlapping drawings to create surreal, ethereal human portraits.

Alphabet Poster Project by Ryman Eco

Alphabet Poster Project by Ryman Eco COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

Ex Boyfriend Tears by Lauren Hom

Ex Boyfriend Tears by Lauren Hom COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

Typewars by Thiago Bellotti

Typewars by Thiago Bellotti COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

mayahan: Scott Naismith

mayahan : Scott Naismith

Live.Love.Laugh by Franse Saritika

Live.Love.Laugh by Franse Saritika COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

Tell me how is it possible that the entire art community on tumblr can ignore the black out tag, but when it’s donut day or some dude from start trek dies y’all find some suitable image/gif. Tell me how you are not being a sad racist scraping for notes and followers and black folks just don’t fit in to your aesthetics? #turkey fry

First of all stop sending me multiple messages, is annoying. This is your 4th message in this... COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic

Type Exhibition Posters by Andrew Varenhorst

Type Exhibition Posters by Andrew Varenhorst COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

Nietzsche Family CircusRandomized pairings of Family Circus...

Nietzsche Family Circus Randomized pairings of Family Circus cartoons and Friedrich Nietzsche quotes.

Illustrations by ryky

Illustrations by ryky