Sunday, February 22, 2015

Marjolein Caljouwon BehanceA Dutch illustrator Marjolein Caljouw...

Marjolein Caljouw

on Behance

A Dutch illustrator Marjolein Caljouw loved drawing since I could hold a pencil. He began reading at an early age and was attracted to the books. He wrote his own stories and small illustrated poems and drew in their journals. The drawing for Marjolein is a way to capture moments of life and organize their thoughts.

Strange Places Christoph Franke

Strange Places Christoph Franke

Montecastello Typeface by Stephanie Toole

Dani Heller

Roll On at Vaucluse House with Wildwon x SLM by Georgia Hill

Calligraphy by Barbara Bernát

Calligraphy by Barbara Bernát


Typeformers - Robots in design by Chaithawat Dongcharoaen

Philippe Vignal is a French artist born in Mozambique in 1970,...

Philippe Vignal is a French artist born in Mozambique in 1970, Philippe Vignal lived his childhood in Africa and kept its strength and beauty.

Graphic designer, this singular and self-taught artist, moved to Morocco 10 years ago. Deep and raw scars remain and impregnate his contrasting artworks, vibrating power and sensuality of black and white. A visual shock, a true meeting, a realistic face-to-face… that attracts and challenges at same time. Nudes, hyper-realistic faces are his inspiration, scarification and piercing of the Omo Valley’s tribes, from southern Ethiopia, punctuate and hone his artworks.

Illuminated Proverbs by William Branton

Witty Office Notes That Make Work a Little More Fun (27 pics)