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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev



Space Erik Olson

Space Erik Olson

Number 2 by Paul Nolan

Number 2 by Paul Nolan COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

Travel Hand Drawing by Tiffany Tse

Travel Hand Drawing by Tiffany Tse COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

Ty Cole

Ty Cole

XXII Ampersand Ring by Doubletwo Studios

XXII Ampersand Ring by Doubletwo Studios COMENT SHARE AND ENJOY

Styish Leatherman Tread Bracelet Is Actually Usable Multiple Tools on Your Wrist

Leatherman Tool Group has released a unique wearable multi-tool equipment , Leatherman Tread bracelet . It’s a 17-4 stainless steel high strength, corrosion resistant bracelet where you can find 2 to 3 functional tools, making a total of 25 usable features such as screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. Inspired by a trip to Disneyland where Ben Rivera, the president of the company stopped by a security for carrying a knife, but actually it was Skeletool. Since Rivera didn’t want to give it up, the security guards had to escort him to make sure he took it all the way back to his hotel room. Keeping this in mind, Rivera wanted to design something that would enable him to carry his tools and be accepted by security, so, the design process began. From : Leatherman Starting by wearing a bike chain bracelet to test how it would feel, this project began taking shape. Tread bracelet features complex link made of metal injection molded for strength and intensity. As user, you’ll be happy to

Prsml (pronounced prismal) is a 25 year old artist / VJ / music...

Prsml (pronounced prismal) is a 25 year old artist / VJ / music video director. From his childhood home in Belleville, Ontario, he creates multimedia works that aim to capture the magical feeling of childhood. When he’s not filming his television you’ll likely find him making funny faces in the mirror, dancing up a storm, or taking a nap. Be sure to follow him on Tumblr at prsml . ## Join Cross Connect’s Flickr Group !

D-Day Landing Sites Then and Now Normandy Beaches in 1944 and 70 Years Later (30 Pics)

On June 6, 1944, Allied soldiers descended on the beaches of Normandy for D-Day, an operation that turned the tide of the Second World War against the Nazis, marking the beginning of the end of the conflict. Today, as many around the world prepare to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the landings, pictures of tourists soaking up the sun on Normandy's beaches stand in stark contrast to images taken around the time of the invasion. Reuters photographer Chris Helgren compiled archive pictures taken during the invasion and went back to the same places to photograph them as they appear today.