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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Duckett’s Grove House

Duckett’s Grove House

Jim Kazanjian

Jim Kazanjian

Luciana Rondolini’s Bejeweled Sculptures and...

Luciana Rondolini ’s Bejeweled Sculptures and Drawings Argentinian artist Luciana Rondolini creates opulent artworks from low-budget materials, encasing rotting fruits in plastic jewels that glisten like diamonds. Rondolini builds altar-like installations, piling bejeweled fruits in front of graphite drawings. Her drawings take the form of portraits, except her subjects’ faces are encased in geometric crystals like the fruits, inciting a dialogue about how the illusion of glamor and luxury can be created through visual culture. Take a look at some images of Rondolini’s works below, images courtesy of the artist.

Teo Wollrabe is a 21 year old from Portland, Oregon. He is a...

Teo Wollrabe is a 21 year old from Portland, Oregon. He is a musician, producer, visual artist, programmer, and a tech and mathematics enthusiast. He tries to capture interesting imagined or altered environments with whatever mediums he is working with. Recently he has leaned towards learning and using processing to create generated designs. Find more of his work on Tumblr as teowollrabe . ## Join Cross Connect’s Flickr Group !

Keanu Reeves

Best 150 images from past 5 years