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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

40 Brand Logos with Hidden Messages

40 Brand Logos with Hidden Messages

Qi Self Heating Disposable Baby Bottle Provides Comfort for Both Parents and Baby

Qi (pronounced as “Chi”) provides you with self-heating disposable baby bottle. It’s a smart and innovative product that offers you practical way to feed your baby while on-the-go, clever. Designed by HJC Design, this bottle combines ready-made formula with integrated heating system, thus, helping parents to independently maintain their feeding pattern with minimum hassle. The design makes sure the read-made formula stays hygienic, a simple twist of the base delivers heat to warm the content and satisfy hungry baby in an emergency situation or while on-the-go. This project aims to bring the same comfort for both parents and baby which usually can be found in the ritual of feeding pattern when they are at home. Parents would enjoy easy interaction during feeding process while reducing the stress of making the food. The baby bottle has been designed to reduce colic and remain sterile, it should be able to achieve ideal feeding temperature. Designer : HJC Design There are Th

Instant Karma for being stupid

A Selection of Random Truths about Anything and Everything (35 pics)