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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Crumbling defensive fortifications in France and the UK

Old Canadian Farmhouse Turns Into A Real Dollhouse (18 pics)

Artist Heather Benning turned an old farm house in Sinclair, Manitoba, Canada, into something special. She transformed it into a real life dollhouse but unfortunately it didn't last very long.

Bellows Bottle : Expandable Bottle That Pumps Out Liquid Easily

Transporting liquids from one place to another would be easier with Bellows Bottle. This concept features expandable bottles, a mechanism that can be used to pump out water, the bottom structure is responsible for easy movement. With this design, user can get freedom from the trouble of water spills as well as efficiency in stacking these bottles when empty. Designers : Yunjo Yu and Seonghyun Kim Bellows Bottle : Expandable Bottle That Pumps Out Liquid Easily is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

These Guys Turn Trash Into Incredible Masterpieces

hese amazing furniture were created by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell , founder of BRC Designs. The company transforms discarded electronic materials, computers, motherboards, and hard drive disks into unique furniture. s Metal sculptures Chase studio’s Andrew Chase is a photographer and an artist who has the skills and talent to form animal sculptures including a cheetah, gorilla, and a dinosaur with scrap metals. Andrew Chase Andrew Chase Andrew Chase Collage portraits Derek Gores has achieved national attention for his portrait series. His stunning collages are made from discarded magazines, labels, and other recyclable materials. Derek Gores Derek Gores What Came First Brighton-based artist Kyle Bean specializes in set design, hand-crafted models and art direction. His What Came First piece, made entirely from eggshells, is a solid testament to his brilliant creativity. Kyle Bean Charming junk sculptures Over the last 50 years, Leo Seowell has developed