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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Photographers Shutter After Refusing to Work a Gay Wedding

Urloved Photography is a small business in Northern California, specializing in wedding and event photography. Their photos are beautiful, but their decision not to shoot gay weddings sends a clear (and illegal) message: UrLoved only if your sexual orientation is correct. I first learned of Urloved last week, when an acquaintance posted several status updates on Facebook about his interaction with the owners, a married couple who told him and his partner that a gay wedding wasn't a fit for their business and that they'd be happy to refer him to someone else. In the groom-to-be's initial request, he disclosed that he and his partner were two gay men planning a wedding, and they both loved the photographers' work. Here's the email Urloved sent in response: Thanks so much for contacting us and for your very kind words. We feel that photographing a gay wedding is not the best match for us, however we can refer you to a colleague who would make a great match. Her na



Interesting Things to Know About Amazon

Interesting Things to Know About Amazon

Real People Who Have Been Possessed By Real Demons (6 pics)

Demons don't just possess people in movies, they do it in real life too. Consider yourself lucky if you've never been possessed by one of these evil things.

Jaguar Takes On A Crocodile In Epic Battle (4 pics)

When this crocodile got too close to shore it got a surprise in the form of a jaguar.