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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

This Big Camera Takes Even Bigger Pictures

This gigantic camera reached a height of 3.4 feet (1.06 m) and weighed a massive 1115.4 lbs (507 kg). The camera used plates that were 7.8 feet (2.44 m) long and one cassette weighed about 497 lbs (226 kg). Doesn't it make you happy that nowadays you can just take pictures with your phone? Share 0 1 Share 0 2 Share 0 3 Share 0 4 Share 0 5 Share 0 6 D

20 Mutant Animals That Have Two Different Colored Eyes

Hereditary transformations regularly prompt destructive impacts, the most well-known being malignancy. Anyway not all changes are awful. Truth be told, some —, for example, heterochromia — are staggeringly excellent. These 22 creatures have this extremely uncommon change, making them have two distinctive eye shades. Common creatures are accordingly changed into just about legendary like animals, really entrancing. Investigate yours 5. 6. Steve Hoyle (LovesLakesLife on Flickr) 7. x_discotech on Flickr 8. 9. 10. spilltojill on Flickr 11. 12. Jon From Cincinnati on Flickr 13. Sajeda Kayed (Blake & Bianca on Flickr) 17. 18. salinski on Flickr 19. 20. Jorge Barrios random gifs from the bees... random gifs from the bees & bombs archive! >:)

15+ Pets That Are Masters Of Camouflage

Unbeknownst to us, our household pets have been evolving expert camouflage in order to subvert their human rulers. This list features rare photographs of these masters of stealth caught in the act of using their pet camouflage to hide from their owners. If you’ve captured any photos of this worrying phenomenon, do not hesitate to report their actions to the proper authorities by adding those photos to this list and upvoting the worst offenders.