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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Abandoned church.

Abandoned church.

Abandoned underwater observatory.

Abandoned underwater observatory.

Artist Creates Cute Drawings Out Of His Own Fingers

Javier Perez, a clever artist in Ecuador, is back with more simple but brilliant drawings that incorporate everyday objects – but this time, those everyday objects are his fingers. Perez’s style is timeless because of its clean simplicity and because of its playful creativity, which can engage people young and old. The last time we wrote about Javier Perez, you guys created some awesome drawings of your own inspired by his work. This time, you’ll be able to add them to this post at the bottom, so we’d love to see what you guys come up with! More info: | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: designtaxi )

15+ Of The Most Beautiful Metro Stations In The World

Under-ground metro stations are associated with rats, garbage, noise and filth, not architecture. However, there are a few metro stations in the world that go against the grain, standing out as excellent examples of the beautiful architecture and interior design that can be created in underground spaces. The interiors achieved in some of these metro stations become all the more impressive when you consider the challenges unique to creating comfortable underground spaces. The architects must keep track of the structural integrity of the walls, air circulation, excessive moisture, and a million other concerns. Their maintenance is another difficulty entirely – one that transit organizations often have difficulty with. Vote for your favorite stations and, if there’s a beautiful metro station in your city that should be on this list, we’d love to see it!

Ralph From The Simpsons Has Been Turned In A Cake And It's Creepy (20 pics)

Let's be honest, Ralph from "The Simpsons" has always been a little creepy but he's a whole lot creepier now that master baker Kylie Mangles has turned him into a cake. He might scare you a little at first but don't worry, it's you that will be eating his brain not the other way around.

If Harry Potter Characters Used Snapchat (27 pics)