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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

When You Find Out Your Girl Is Pregnant (3 pics)

The facial expression says it all.

These People Have Flirting Down To A Science (25 pics)

Flirting, yup, these people are doing it right.



Biwa : Bike Washing Machine by Barbora Tobolova

Barbora Tobolova has submitted BiWa, a bike washing machine that kinds of remind us to the similar concept Bicycle Washing Machine (BWM) . Basically the idea is the same, you can exercise while washing your dirty laundry, it’s a healthy way to get clean clothes. BiWa is integrated with backwheel washing capsule where you can place your dirty laundry, so unlike BWM which is a stationary bike, you can ride BiWa for real. You’re going to need to start pedaling around for about 2-3 kilometers to wash your clothes, perhaps you might as well go to the nearest shops to buy some of your groceries. There’s a small opening in the capsule to let dirty water out so that you can re-fill it with clean water to rinse. It’s a nice eco-friendly urban mobility. Designer : Barbora Tobolova Tuvie has received “Biwa – Bike Washing Machine” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. Biwa : Bike Washing Machine by Ba

In 10 Years, Windowless Planes Will Give Passengers A Panoramic View Of The Sky

The Center for Process Innovation, a British technology research company, thinks they’ve got the next big step in aviation transportation figured out. They want to remove the windows from passenger planes and replace them with OLED touch-screens that extend along the plane’s entire length and display the view from outside through cameras mounted on the plane’s exterior. According to them, windows are one of the greatest sources of unnecessary weight in passenger planes. Solid walls are stronger and allow the walls to be built thinner as well. The OLED screens that replace the windows would display the view outside and allow passengers to select entertainment and stewardess service. The technology does have its detractors, however – some are concerned about light pollution inside the cabin, and the panoramic view probably won’t do much to help those who are afraid of flying. More info: (h/t: mashable ) OLED screens along the plane’s length will show passengers the world outs