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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Ross McCampbell

Ross McCampbell



Hyper Realistic Art On Wood by Ivan Hoo Artist on Tumblr |...

Hyper Realistic Art On Wood by Ivan Hoo Artist on Tumblr | Facebook | on deviantART Ivan Hoo , a native Singaporean artist who lives and breathes art. His photorealistic and anamorphic drawings and paintings use pencil and pastel to amazing effects! Among his most notable achievements, Ivan had his first exhibition in 50 x 50 Square Invasion Painting Show 2011. Moreover, Artspace Intinc Singapore celebrates with a collaboration with other international artists. Currently, his drawings and paintings are displayed in Art Speaks Studio, a local art space located in Singapore.

Creepy Stories That Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On (24 pics)

You're going to hear a lot of scary stories this time of year, but these ones are different. The scariest thing about these stories is that there's actually some truth to them.

Homemade Knives (124 Pics)

Charcoal is the fuel, the heat source and the source of carbon for the smelter. Charcoal has to be chopped to a specific size for the operation to run smoothly. The bore of the furnace is 11 inches so that seems to be the right size for the charcoal: 8-10% of the inner diameter of the furnace. The ore is from a ceramic supply place. The name of this particular compound is Spanish Red. It is a light dust that stains everything almost permanently red and contains 80% hematite. The furnace design is based on the shell of a water heater. It has been cut in three sections for easier assembly and dis assembly. Here is a diagram. The parts were cast with refractory made mostly of sand and cement with an inner lining of high temperature furnace cement. It held up pretty well to the heat but crumbled at the time of taking it apart. The tuyeres were made of simple black iron pipe fittings. They stayed cool by the constant air flow through them and since they don’t protrude in the