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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Diego Max The art of Diego Max highlights the strong...

Diego Max The art of Diego Max highlights the strong relationship between two aspects, art and anatomy. From his early years, Diego Max was enchanted by retro features of antique prints found in encyclopedias of his mother. His mother, who has worked near several doctors, and his sister who has a background in nursing, triggered and isnpired his work. Excited with the medical illustration and the anatomical images found in books, Diego manages to transcend the magnitude of the human body into a fascinating brand new universe and lead us to a unique enchantment. Inspired by the ancient world and its symbols, nature and flowers, animals and human anatomy, his work is rich in graphic detail and captures the eye and the soul of the observer.

Air Runner : A Futuristic Flying Companion for Runners

Air Runner – a futuristic concept study to enhance the running experience. Running is super popular! Really everybody jogs these days. Still, some runners experience it to be monotonous and lack excitement in the process. Therefore we aimed to develop something active and enjoyable, which gives you runners out there an entirely new experience! Are you interested? Designer : Indeed Innovation Air Runner will make the change in your running experience. It is a concept study of a thrilling gadget that motivates you running folks, and gives you the extra kick of excitement and fun while exercising. Inspired by aerial drones, the little flying companion is a futuristic smart device that enhances your jog with fun games and tracking data of your sports activities. With a light projection onto the street Air Runner works for single, as well as for multiple runners. The concept study creates an exceptional virtual adventure landscape and even keeps you safe when running in the dark.