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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Natalie Foss

Natalie Foss

Plastc Card Could Be Our Future All-In-One Payment Tool

Plastc Card could be the future of payment tool, you can get rid of those 10 cards you have in your wallet with this single card. We are in an exciting era where technology progresses so rapidly, it changes the way we communicate, socializing, gaming, having fun, and of course, soon, the way we pay for stuff. This cool project brings all your cards into one sophisticated device, electronic card with e-ink touchscreen. Plastc Card aims to help you pay anything you want, the magnetic stripe and barcode display allow this card to work in all places you usually buy your needs. It also has NFC, Chip, and PIN features for software update. It’s pretty powerful technology that keeps your information, the one million dollar question would be: is it safe? Designer : Ryan Marquis and Mark Stubbs Plastc’s technology protects your information to allow you to pay with confidence, the magnetic stripe and NFC chip don’t work until you select your card, thus, preventing any fraudulent activity.

This Creepy Mansion Sold For Only $1 (17 pics)

Built in the 1860s, this mansion was once the home of a coffee mogul in Louisville, Kentucky. You can clearly see that it was once a beautiful home but time has not been friendly to this structure. +-

Using Someone Else's Grandma To Troll (10 pics)

Awesome Vapour GT Concept Car Features Wind Sculpted Edges and Fury On Every Surface

This jaw dropping automotive design Vapour GT concept car comes from Gray Design, an award winning international design studio. A beautiful masterpiece that appeals to all radical automotive enthusiasts, every detail of this car has been designed to scream “give me” your attention, there’s nothing about styling, every surface represents innovative and cutting edge design with a wind sculpted edges and fury. This concept car was created for Zeus Twelve brand and following the line with current trends, it’ll feature in its own racing game which will be released on iPhone and Android platforms. At both front and rear, this car features strengthened glass aerofoils for its open design, you can also see they appear in the side intakes and cockpit as well. It is equipped with lightweight 2.0-liter Supercharged Ford Duratec engine that gets plenty of aspiration through the enormous air intakes at the front car. The carbon fiber construction makes Vapour GT a lightweight car, with Caterham SP

2014 Higher Education Technology Landscape

2014 Higher Education Technology Landscape

Artless Concept City e-Bike by Marco Schembri

Artless concept city e-bike has been designed for Lombardo brand, it’s a bike with pedal assistance consist of a variable frame cross-section made of 2 different materials. Designed by Marco Schembri , almost 70-percent of the total mass is composed of ceramic aluminum matrix, it’s a special aluminum alloy reinforced with ceramic particles of oxide. Therefore, the result is a light compound just like titanium, extremely rigid, and robust. Aside from being extremely durable, carbon fiber allows the company to create a separation of frame, the above part of the pedals can be removed with a simple system of fixing the carbon parts for easier maintenance. The main goal of this project is to simplify and rationalize the shape of modern bike. Designer : Marco Schembri Artless Concept City e-Bike by Marco Schembri is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design