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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Sydney Pet House Project as A Homage to Jorn Utzon

When an architect designs a house for pet, the result is always stylish and iconic house, just like Sydney Pet House . Antonio Lanzillo has designed a cute pet house as a homage to the architect Jorn Utzon for his work Sydney Opera House. the scale and proportion of this pet house plays crucial roles in the structure, each characteristic must have relation to each other. You can say that this is the mini version of a national monument. After printing, the shell must be cut on front to create an opening for the house, there are 2 size versions: one is big enough for the dog, and one is smaller for the cat. aside from the monochromatic version, using special 2 mixtures technique during moulding, the designer brings you multicolor version with one color for interior and another for exterior. Designer : Antonio Lanzillo & Partners via [ Pawfi ] Sydney Pet House Project as A Homage to Jorn Utzon is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

This Is What it Takes To Become A Sumo Wrestler (8 pics)

Becoming a sumo wrestler isn't as easy as you think it is. Most people just assume you eat a ton of food and then push people around but that's not the case. Sumo wrestlers have to attend sumo school for six months and not only do you have to train, but you also have to get an education.

Hercules Concept Excavator Features Rotary Cutting Head and Continuous Soil Removal Process

Hercules Concept Excavator has an innovative design to eliminate the inefficiencies of existing excavators. It uses the principle of continuous rotary cutting and soil extraction and eliminates the energy-wasteful dead cycles. These dead cycles – during which the excavator boom needs to be swung to dump the soil and returned again – are an innately inefficient part of traditional excavator operation. The move to a continuous mode of operation eliminates these dead cycles and so confers significant efficiency, energy and time savings. The excavation process begins with a cutting head that rotates and moves in three dimensions. The soil is drawn inward by the cutting blades and transferred through the booms via internal augers. Finally a conveyor belt transfers the soil to the receiving vehicle at the rear end of the excavator. Designers : Selin Koşağan, Chi Liu, Danny Mc Elchar, Apostolos Papamatthaiakis, and Rahil Rupawala Increased efficiencies are achieved through a combinati

Bimodal Concept Car Was Inspired by ProGrip System

Inspired by a system called ProGrip, Joe Sardo and Federico Bruni have come up with Bimodal concept car . P.G.S. (ProGrip System), mounted at the front frame (also applicable to the rear) is composed of a small central wheel with steering fork through electric motor. In order to increase the grip, it is equipped with an innovative thermo fender. The operating logic is controlled by a control unit and a sensor that does steer the small wheel in synchronization with the turning radius of the front wheels. P.G.S. inspired by the undercarriage of a plane, opens with electro-hydraulic jacks (when the car is moving in a straight line) through a button in the cockpit, and / or through rain sensors and infrared thermometer sensing temperature asphalt road. This system allows an ‘excellent cornering stability, thanks to adherence vehicle mechanics flowing “like on rails” no under-steer and no over-steer. Designers : Joe Sardo and Federico Bruni Tuvie has received “Bimodal Concept Car” p