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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

The Interactive Purriodic Table of Internet Cats

The Interactive Purriodic Table of Internet Cats

Futuristic Technology: Pecera Robot Fish Cleans Your Clothes Without Detergent

Can you imagine that in the future, there are robotic fish that clean your clothes? Chan Yeop Jeong has an interesting vision for our future appliance, he has come up with Pecera , a water tank that accommodates robot fish called Dofi to wash your dirty clothes without detergent. It’s a sustainable way to wash your clothes, a concept inspired by “Doctor Fish” that nurtures human skin but this time, all these fish run on hydroelectric power and clean garments. Each fish is equipped with tiny sensor and camera to detect dirt on your clothes, by using suction motion, these robot fish clean all those dirt particles without detergent, in this way, there’s no need for multiple washing circles mechanism that can save a lot of water. This unique method to clean your clothes means that you don’t have to worry about oxidation or discoloration of fiber, no more damaged textiles. These robot fish stay in water with hydroelectric power and continue obtain energy for living, all those dirt is then

Things You Will Only See In China (50 pics)

China, it's a special place.