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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Hover House 2 by Glen Irani Architects

Glen Irani Architects designed the second of their Hover House series in Venice, California. Project description “Hovering” a large volume above the landscape eliminates the typical discontinuity between the front and rear garden areas and situates a built outdoor environment in the midst of a measurably larger feeling garden space. The blanketing roof is shaped to conduct softly gradient, reflected clerestory light while seemingly floating gently and protectively over the interior spaces. The second of the Hover House Series aims to resolve the isolation of front yards from rear yards on small urban lots by the seemingly universal practice of building across the entire frontage of the lot. By massing the first level along the side lot line rather than the front lot line, essentially dedicating the entire depth of the lot to outdoor space, Hover House 2 successfully changes that rule. The Hover House concept proposes that resource intensive interior space can be

Scorpion Concept Excavator for JCB Features Greater Degree of Freedom

Scorpion Concept Excavator is a design proposal for JCB, it’s a project submitted for “Project 120” design contest held by JCB. The brief was simple, each contestant had to design an innovative JCB Digger for the year of 2073. In 2073, we need a new breed of earth moving machinery. Inspired by scorpion, Arpan Jyoti Mahanta, an industrial designer, has come up with a remote-controlled concept excavator to fit this future role. It’s powered by 750 bhp diesel, yeah, pretty massive yet still efficient, it sends power to all those all-terrain wheels through an electric drive transmission, and those arms via hydraulic servo motors. Designer : Arpan Jyoti Mahanta The omni-directional “scorpion tail” rear backhoe allows for greater degree of freedom, better control, and longer reach. The six wheeled drive with fully independent suspension and swinging half-axles for greater traction with go-anywhere capabilities. Wider and larger front bucket also makes great counterweight. Scor

Brutal Combat Weapons Throughout History (15 pics)

Tiniest Paintings You Will Ever See

Hasan Kale is a Turkish micro painter, and you'll have a hard time believing that his work is real. Instead of painting on canvas, Kale brings his micro art talents to everyday objects like peanuts, or grains of rice. He covers these objects in amazing tiny art.