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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Skyline Residence by Nathan Good Architects

Nathan Good Architects have designed a contemporary family home in Portland, Oregon. From the architects The 1.7 acre site is relatively level and within a mile of downtown Portland. The home was positioned at the far north side of the lot to reduce the impact of noise from the Skyline Boulevard, optimize the daylighting of the sun’s path, and facilitate views from the interior of the home to the yard. Notable Features: a) A well-appointed contemporary home that is certified green (LEED Platinum) b) The home is designed for an abundance of natural light in a climate dominated by overcast skies c) The residence is on the path towards being net-zero-energy in that it is engineered to generate as much solar-electric energy on-site as the home consumes annually. Owners: The clients are middle-aged with active lives that revolve about their three children. Both parents required a home office. A small home gym reduces travel time to the health club.

You Will Swear These Paintings Are Real (14 pics)

Gustavo Silva Nuñez is getting a lot of attention for his hyper realistic paintings and it's not hard to see why. If you were standing close to one of these paintings you would think you might get wet. That's how real they look.

Frigido Economic Fridge Concept Is Inspired by Cardiovascular System

Inspired by the Cardiovascular System, Frigido Economic Fridge concept adopts the principle of distribution and exchange of blood with the organs surrounding the center which is the heart. Frigido’s rounded shape promotes several features such as simplicity and ergonomics. Speaking of the fridge , this form provides excellent operation of refrigeration and cold flow, it provides an infinite ventilation system through the continuity of its circular shape. This concept fridge is divided in 6 compartments with different temperature, each compartment fits a specific food category and two compartments are confined to daily use, so you can just open the compartment that you want, this design helps the fridge not to force the engine to recover the loss of cold and also provides ideal storage while eliminating the risk of contamination. Designer : Sakly Sadok Frigido is equipped with sliding doors that can be half opened, this door system can control the direction and the openin

Frankel Residence by TVA Architects

TVA Architects have designed a home in the town of Sisters, Oregon. Project description Located on a 40-acre parcel of agricultural land in arid Central Oregon, the Frankel home is oriented to capture the magnificent views of the Three Sisters Mountains to the west and Mount Jefferson to the north. The home sits on a constructed plinth, 30-inches above the existing ground plane and is organized around sheltered patios and outdoor living spaces. Two fireplace chimneys soar above the horizontal composition and provide a visiual landmark from afar, and the stucco-clad pavilions that make up the composition are tied together with glazed passageways. A double allee of Swedish Aspen runs the length of the major landscape element and ties the composition together. Design: TVA Architects Photography by Stephen Cridland