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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

SDM Apartment by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop have designed a two-storey apartment for a family in Mumbai, India. From the architects Located in central Mumbai, our client builds a 6 story building, 2 for each apartment, we simultaneously perform 3 interior design projects for 3 different clients, all from the same family; parents, (an older couple) and 2 families of young couples with children, each with different needs and personalities, this is how we address the same space with different distributions, each had a different reason on which interiors are designed, a concept far from typical housing in India, a space for living inside, contrasting with its urban context, with its social environment. Specifically in the SDM apartment, after a talk with each member of the family, we got a well defined program based on the customs of each user and each space, the staircase located at the center of the apartment. It was designed as a sculpture in the space with more light and n

Cloudea Futuristic Airship Floats In The Air Just Like a Cloud

We just spotted a cool airship that looks like a giant balloon, checkout what the designer says about this project: Cloudea is a futuristic concept airship, the idea was to first, fly to one of the biggest events of the earth like Marathon of New York, Olympic games, or music festival. Secondly we will let people bring us their idea with balloons, and then make one of those ideas viable thanks to our design team ! The airship will travel around big cities or places to answer human needs or provide help. We could work with charity like the Red Cross for example. A cloud, an idea, it’s Cloudea. Designers : Elie Ahovi, Jérémie Levain, François Mahieu, Marc Tran , Valentin Delrue, and Nicolas Lenotte Digital Renders : Elie Ahovi & Marc Tran Cloudea Futuristic Airship Floats In The Air Just Like a Cloud is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

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