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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

AirType : Futuristic Keyboardless Keyboard Device Fits In The Palm of Your Hand

Keyboardless keyboard, hm…this is a concept that raises an eyebrow. AirType , just like its name suggests, allows you to type on virtually any surface. Why? because typing on mobile device sucks, oh yeah, we all know the pain. Currently, this innovative device is at early prototype stage, a unique keyboard that fits in the palm of your hand. Thank you to its smart app, it learns the finger movements you make to get the letters that you want. You can type on any surface just like typing on a keyboard and this futuristic device knows each letter that you’re referring to. Actually, it’s more like dynamic text prediction, it adapts to the way you type, there’s no need to change your typing habits. You can clip AirType onto your tablet for easy transport, take it anywhere with you. From : AirType AirType : Futuristic Keyboardless Keyboard Device Fits In The Palm of Your Hand is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Claydon Reeves Aeroboat Is Inspired by The Spitfire WW II Fighter Plane

Claydon Reeves Aeroboat is an elegant and luxurious speedboat inspired by the Spitfire WW II fighter plane. It reminds you of the thrill of flying while staying on water. This 48-foot boat features Rolls-Royce engine at its heart, it’s as superyacht at the cost of £3-million. It’s been designed and developed with the same speed and sophisticated elegance of the Rolls Royce and of course, it has the characteristic of the Spitfire. The company claims that Aeroboat is one of the fastest and most elegant small yachts ever produced. It’s perfect for billionaire to want to have a breakfast in St. Tropez, lunch in Antibes, and dine at night in Monaco. The overall exterior design is based on the iconic British Spitfire aircraft, supercharged with Merlin V12 engine, bespoke gearbox, and final drive, this boat is capable to achieve speeds over 50 knots. Designer : Claydon Reeves The interior of Claydon Reeves Aeroboat is based on a sports car design, you probably notice it from the lea

East Malvern Residence by LSA Architects

LSA Architects have completed the contemporary renovation of a home in Melbourne, Australia. Architect: LSA Architects Photography by John Wheatley from UA Creative

Hopetoun Avenue by B.E Architecture

B.E Architecture have recently completed the renovation and extension of a period home in Vaucluse, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. Project description Offering an intentional point of difference to the solidity of the existing sandstone house, the new addition is a gentle intervention that emerges quietly from the canopy of a beautiful, mature lemon-scented gum tree. With sensitivity to the site’s inherent strengths, the design embraces the preservation and integration of the established tree allowing it to remain the dominate feature on the property. The covered outdoor spaces are literally built around the tree, encapsulating and framing the trunk. The timber-clad columns recede into the background and a fine line of glazing opens to the densely planted side yard for continuous access to the natural environment from within the interior spaces. The upper level sits in the branches of the tree floating above the bottom structure to provide a unique treetop setting ov