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Instagram Satire Is Hilarious (12 Pics)

Words Replace Pretentious Photos On Instagram Source

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Cincomdos Office by JSa

JSa have recently completed the offices for Cincomdos in Condesa, Mexico.








Project description

Cincomdos bought two entire floors at Torre Amsterdam for their new offices. An area that includes a double height space that connnects both levels. The double height space is adopted for collective use, housing some bleachers made of chipboard wood used as a meeting space and training room. A magnolia tree complements the double-height, game area (ping pong and foosball table), and meeting room.

Leveraging existing terraces, the interior spaces were attached to them, programming them, sometimes as private terraces and other as communal spaces. The core of elevator, stairs, and bathrooms, defines service areas to the center of the plan, which is understood as a wooden box. We chose colors that contrast with the wood color so they feel as colored boxes inside the big wooden box. Resin floors, walls and ceilings, respect the color space, furniture contrasted with the white covers.

The spaces located on the facade must allow the highest passage of natural light, so they are transparent spaces, with glass partitions, where walls and ceiling are white to reflect light. Here the decks of wooden furniture warm spaces. Splashes of color were given to the furniture on the terraces, which are also accompanied by plants that could withstand seasonal changes (mood, space terrace, as indoor spaces). In the circulation and outdoor spaces there are no panels so all facilities and concrete structure are visible.

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Design: JSa

Photography by Jaime Navarro Kiosk Features 3D Vision of Real Person to Communicate With You is a concept kiosk that provides 3D vision of a real person, an innovative communication technology with mind blowing enhancement in information. This technology allows people to get access to health information, financial and public services even in remote areas. It gives real experience of talking to real people with direct eye contact to get information on public areas such as shopping centers, airports, government offices, and hospitals. You can use the touch screen display to select any requests or make the virtual person perform certain tasks such as printing document or doing some scanning. Aluminum is the basic material used for the manufacturing of this kiosk.

Client: Mobilport Information Technology Systems, Inc

Product Designer: Begüm Tomruk

Project Management: Fevzi Gungor, Yunus Emre Ustev, Mobilport

Designer : Begüm Tomruk by Begüm Tomruk by Begüm Tomruk by Begüm Tomruk

Click above image for bigger view by Begüm Tomruk by Begüm Tomruk by Begüm Tomruk by Begüm Tomruk

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