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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Actors and Their Similar Body Doubles (36 pics)

Double High House by Checkwitch Poiron Architects Inc.

Checkwitch Poiron Architects Inc. have designed the Double High House in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. Project description The Double High house is an elegant and efficient re-interpretation of the typical suburban site plan. The slender form is positioned against the long north edge of the site in order to maximize the solar exposure to the south. A 22 foot south facing sliding door system connects the main living space with the wooden deck and landscape, blurring the line between interior and exterior. The floorplan is a connected flow of open and overlapping spaces. In addition to the passive solar scheme, further efficiency is achieved through in-floor radiant hydronic heating, natural ventilation, a heat recovery ventilator and an efficient lighting design. Architect: Checkwitch Poiron Architects Inc. Photographs by Concept Photography