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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Who's Stealing eBooks?

Who's Stealing eBooks?

The Little Girl From Jurassic Park Has A New Life (6 pics)

The Crow’s Nest Residence by BCV Architects

BCV Architects have designed a ski cabin located at the top of the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort in California. From the architects The Crow’s Nest is a ski cabin located at 7,080 feet elevation, on the mountain of the same name in the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort. Anchored on the slope, and responsive to its setting, the cabin design explores the intersection of classic modern aesthetics, craft, and the extreme climatic conditions of the site. Sugar Bowl resort is located at historic Donner Summit in the Sierra Nevada range. The Ski Resort, founded in 1939, is one of the oldest in America. The climate and topography around Sugar Bowl makes for unusually heavy snowfall, and its relatively small residential village (112 home sites) is snow-bound through the winter. The Crow’s Nest is perched on one of the highest sites in the resort and is a true ski-in, ski-out cabin, located substantially higher in elevation than many of the ski lifts. The clients, who have four young children,

EM414 Concept Boat Is Inspired by The Design of Ray and Charles Eames

EM414 Boat is a weekend getaway launch, sitting at just over 12 metres long and powered by twin Cummins jet engines. Perfect for sleeping two in comfort and style while and entertaining more with its unique moveable seating arrangement at the rear. The aesthetic of EM414 is inspired by the design of Ray and Charles Eames. This is a 12-weeks project completed at Massey University College of Creative Arts by Wellington by Sam McCafferty, Sam Wells, Rasmus Fannemel and Chris Mason. The model is a 1:15 scale representation mixing traditional model making techniques with 3D printing and laser cutting Designers : Sam McCafferty, Sam Wells, Rasmus Fannemel, and Chris Mason EM414 Concept Boat Is Inspired by The Design of Ray and Charles Eames is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Infinite Light : Solar Powered Light inside PET Bottle

Infinite Light has won Green Dot Award 2013 for its innovative and sustainable design. Dr. Hakan Gursu has come up with a light that helps humanity and environment, it can be very useful in rural households that still don’t have access to electricity. At night, there are still many families that are forced to use kerosene lamps that usually cost about 25% of their weekly budgets to light them. Aside from the high cost, those lamps also increase the risk of fire and harmful smoke. Infinite Light could be a simple solution, a high quality solar powered lamp that is more cost effective. It’s a green lamp that uses solar energy or batteries to power itself placed in PET bottle. Flexible solar panel is wrapped around the bottle to collect sun’s light and those batteries convert the light into energy. The part that casts the light is attached at the bottom of the metal parts, it also functions as cover and supporter of the bottle. There’s a metal wire at the top that functions as handle whe