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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Yelp! Headquarters by Studio O+A

Studio O+A have designed the headquarters for Yelp! in San Francisco. From Studio O+A As tech companies take root in urban locations where space is limited, the collegial spirit of Silicon Valley finds new modes of expression in high-rise buildings and converted industrial facilities. Key to our design for Yelp was the concept of a vertical campus– an all-encompassing, self-contained community stacked on multiple floors. Yelp moved its HQ from a smaller site in San Francisco to a classic Financial District high-rise. As with most multi-story occupancies, the design challenge at Yelp was to facilitate group dynamics so that people interact with each other even though they work on different floors. In other words– how do you create a neighborhood in a tower? One way is to give each floor a destination that will appeal to all the floors. At Yelp we placed a fully-equipped coffee shop on the 8th floor, a break room with window seating on the 5th, and semi-p

SOOK by Koncept Stockholm

Koncept Stockholm have recently completed SOOK , a fast food restaurant located in Täby, an area outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Project description SOOK is a fast food restaurant in Täby Centrum outside Stockholm with high standards of quality. It prepares food from the Middle East with a lot of love. But how do you communicate that message of care and passion to busy lunch guests? Koncept Stockholm dressed Sook’s sense for food and craftsmanship in a modern decor that simultaneously offers a warm feeling. Strong colours meet variegated patterns in a mix of exciting materials. To fulfil the picture: Koncept Stockholm has done most of the packaging design. The result is a relaxing and smart food haven Architect: Koncept Stockholm Photography by Felix Odell