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Paper cuts by Eiko Ojala, a renowned illustrator and graphic... crss

Boatsheds by Strachan Group Architects with Rachael Rush

Strachan Group Architects together with Rachael Rush have completed the Boatsheds, a family home in Auckland, New Zealand. Project description On a constrained, compact urban site, a stones throw from Takapuna Beach, the three-stepped gables of these black ‘boatsheds’ appropriately reference our boating and beach culture. The sliding forms reveal a solution beyond the standard connotations of a home, a bespoke incubator for the clients’ lifestyle. The corner site, challenged by two 5m front yards and the blunt presence of a three-storey neighbour hard on the North-West boundary, stimulated an approach of layered complexity with ample transparency to capture light, sun and glimpses of the pohutukawa and baiting ocean. Simplicity of the exterior form is contrasted by the highly crafted timber interior, exhibiting the skilled artistry of the builder. A diverse succession of multi-connected spaces create a threaded flow of movement, whils

“- +” Modular Smartphone Concept Where Each Element Can Operate Independently

“- +” is a modular smartphone concept that allows you to mix a group of functions into a single element. It is inspired by the recently popular innovation of customizable phones such as Ara Phoneblocks , the vision here is to design a phone with independent elements, which mean, each module can operates as independent component. Designed by Bez Dimitri , this concept phone is structured just like a lego where each element is stacked together, connected through USB micro B plug. The great thing about “- +” concept is the structured connection, it won’t have a problem like Ara. There’s a mini USB plug connected to the “+” structure that allows mechanical and electrical connection between each part of the handset. There’s no printed circuit that connects all functions, in this way, at any moment, you can detach an element without disturbing the others. However, there are still other parts which are connected to each other such as the camera module and the screen. Designer : Bez Dimitri