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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Get Nostalgic With Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time (25 pics)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the most epic games of all time and some people have classified it as the greatest game ever. Relive all of the magic with these 25 moments.

Delivery Drone Concept by Alfred Urleb

This Delivery Drone has been specifically designed for prompt and timely delivery, perhaps this is something that Amazon would be interested. It aims to deliver items needed in emergency such as blood bags, drugs, organs, etc. However, it also can carry small things such as books, CDs, or gadgets, as long as everything can be packed inside the delivery box, then you’re good to go. The integrated touch screen can be used as confirmation by the receiver. The two rotors at the bottom allow vertical takeoff then it enters a fast glide mode. Designer : Alfred Urleb Tuvie has received “Delivery Drone Concept” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. Delivery Drone Concept by Alfred Urleb is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Marco Balestri House by Simone Micheli

Architect Simone Micheli has completed the Marco Balestri House in Milan, Italy. Project description Marco Balestri House, designed by Simone Micheli, is located in the new urban district of Lambrate – in Milan – and it is one of the most important interventions of regeneration of the area, that has been characterized in last years by vitality and great development. The space is conceived as free, functional and clear, becoming a place where every-one can live his own everyday life among fashion, design, culture and human relations. It is an open space in which lively spirit and the desire of meeting friends merge together the intimacy of places with the flexibility of a reality that is always changing. Simone Micheli wanted to give birth to an energetic space that is able to tell and receive needs and habits of who is living and using it. Objects and surfaces, free from their traditional functions, are settled in the space in new ways, showing their primary scope. The u